About Us

I am Aryan Joshi started TheFastr.com back in 2016; because I love to run a blog and to generate passive income from it monetization and affiliate programs.


At one stage we have faced a lot of issues like content generation and marketing. And at the same time, we have found that in the industry a lot of people are looking for bloggers like us; where they want to put their content for the backlinks or knowledge sharing a purpose. So, we have started to offer free guest posting on the website.

And, this is what we offer till now from last year and found that lots of authors are only submitted content for backlinks not for knowledge sharing and connecting each other.

So, from Aug-2019 We have stopped this free guest posting and closed the registration on the website. From the upcoming months, we have planned to run some paid marketing campaigns on social media and other paid marketing channels to create awareness and only accept paid content postings and started with minimal $10/Post.

It does not mean that if you provide $10 and will post any content. We’ll check all our criteria and if the content looks some informative than and then we’ll post. And, it also does not mean that we didn’t accept free guest post. You can send us well researched, trending, unique content; which you think will surely add values to our website; We’ll post.


Our mission is to build a great blog which readers like and at the same time author also like to add content on our website.

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if you have some more ideas, want to share content, the partnership you can surely contact us.