Employees are the backbone of a company; without them, a business may collapse. These employees have different traits and qualifications. Human Resources (HR) department should be able to hire good employees that will help in achieving the company’s goals.

If HR recognize the good traits and proper qualifications of the aspiring candidates, the recruitment process will be easier. But what are the qualities of good employee that can help the company in the long run? Here are they:

Communicates well

Bosses and HR managers love employees who know how to communicate well about their work, goal, and concerns. They communicate in a clean manner both in speaking and writing. If employees cannot express themselves well, it may cause a lot of problems for the business.


A good employee is not afraid to take responsibility. He or she is more responsible with any given task. Self-motivated employee is more than ready to answer the call of duty to meet the goals and solve any problems even if it’s beyond the regular work.

Team player

A good employee can lead other team members in collaborating with work to achieve great results and achieve the goal. Being a team player is able to engage team members towards a common work goal.


Employees who have the proper discipline show up on time on daily basis and finish the task on any given deadline. Drive, focus, and initiative are the things that make one disciplined. Moreover, disciplined employees can:

  • Focus on the work objective
  • Keeping the break quick
  • Maintain a good perspective even there’s a problem
  • Can also laugh during stress

Flexible and adaptable

The world continuously changes as well as every business and company. It is expected that aspiring employees are ready to adapt to changes especially when it is needed. Flexible employees will not resist change blindly. HR managers should pick employees who are willing to experience with new skills and adjust to various goals. With HR support, existing employees of company will be able to adjust to new adjustment and learn new things as the business needs are changing.

Strong work ethic and professional

Being professional and with strong work ethic is one of the most popular qualities that HR managers are looking for potential candidates. Applicants who are setting high goals for themselves and with willingness to do more than just expected of them have higher chance of getting hired. Professional employees don’t gossip about employees as well.

HR managers should look for candidates with a good track record of responsibility, who follows the work rules, reliable, and aligns with company’s goals and core values.

work rules contracts

Knows the job responsibilities well

When hired, employees are expected to know the job responsibilities well to deliver a good result. The manager or supervisor is expecting that employees can work under pressure and less supervision. A good employee will take the job and will do everything to deliver a good work result.

Has honesty

Working is not all about offering your skills and knowledge; it’s also about being honest with the work. As an aspiring employee for a certain company, you should be honest about your previous work and appropriate qualifications. The employee should also be willing to receive feedback and strive harder.

Has the genuine imitative

When hiring, HR managers can consider potential candidates who express the initiative to grow and embrace change as their role progresses. They should have the drive and desire to know more for their own personal development. These candidates will take the initiative to involve over time in work when needed. Hiring these kinds of employees will provide existing team with better long-term resource.

Being polite

In an office setting, it’s also a good idea to be polite, approachable, and friendly because it really goes a long way. A simple “good morning” is a good start, imparting a good vibe at the start or working day. Both “thank you” and “you’re welcome” are appreciated all the time. They might be small things but it helps a in establishing a good working relationship among your co-workers.

Meeting the work deadline

As a good employee, it’s essential that you get things done on time. It helps you build a better reputation in the office and also helps in building in the client-facing efforts. Work deadlines are different from each depending on the nature of the task. For other people who are having a hard time with deadlines, it’s they are not used in a time-sensitive workplace or they need more people support.

Helpful to other employees

Sometimes it’s inevitable to ask for help especially when it’s needed. In any company, everybody appreciates a good help every now and then. If a colleague needs a helping hand, don’t hesitate to help him or her. In this way, it will establish friendly relations with your co-workers that make the business operation run smoothly.

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