5 Essential Factors to Consider When Selecting Biodegradable Packaging


Are you looking for the best eco-friendly mailers? According to the Australian government, every year, Australia recycles about 55% of its waste. Besides using eco-friendly products in your home or office, you can also use biodegradable packaging, which breaks down into substances that can safely combine with the soil.

When comparing such items, you have many factors to consider, including the following:

  1. Colour/Design

You can find “green” packaging in several colours, including:

  • Black
  • White
  • Grey
  • Green
  • Pink

As is often true, the form should follow function. It is important to select materials based on various factors, including size and style. On the other hand, if you want to organise your shipped packages, for example, it’s better when you have multiple colour options.

Besides different colours, you can also find mailers available in various designs. This includes options like holiday season designs that will help the sender and receiver to get into the spirit of the season.

  • Multi-Packs

You’ll likely need more than one mailer over time. When picking biodegradable mailers, you can save money by purchasing packs that contain multiple pieces. For example, you could pick from 25 or 50-pack mailers. There are also sample packs that offer a variety of different mailers.

Multi-packs can benefit manufacturers, sellers and consumers in the long run.

  • Price

It’s important to compare the mailer pack price and unit price. For example, if you purchase a larger pack, this can lower the unit price while the product itself will have a higher price tag.

Another issue is biodegradable, and compostable mailers will have a generally higher price tag. However, if your goal is to make your consumer choices as green as possible, then the higher price might be worthwhile. Recycling and composting products are both investments in the Earth’s environment.

  • Customisation

You can sometimes customise orders. This allows you to make options related to:

  • Pieces
  • Colour/Design
  • Size

Sometimes bulk orders are required, which could include thousands of pieces, for example. If you do a lot of mailing, this can exponentially boost your savings. Not only will the mailer help to make a smaller carbon footprint, but you can also save some money in the process, which is always a plus.

  • Biodegradable/Compostable

When picking biodegradable mailers, it’s important for them to be truly biodegradable. You might read that certain mailers are biodegradable or compostable. These are similar terms that are related to a material being able to break down into stuff that’s soil-friendly. However, they’re different in some aspects. Compostable materials don’t produce any toxins during the breakdown process, which the ‘biodegradable’ mailers can’t guarantee.

Today, a large percentage of shipping material ends up in waste bins and landfills. A more Earth-friendly option is biodegradable packaging. You have many options, including colour, price, and customisation. Weighing all options can help to ship items in the greenest possible way regardless of the mailer’s colour.

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