5 Reasons Why People Like Karl Fischer Titrators


Do you want to determine if there is water in different products? There are multiple ways to do that, but there is one very precise way. This method uses the Bunsen Reaction between two chemicals, namely iodine and sulfur dioxide. Such a method is known as the Karl Fischer Titration. With the use of a Karl Fischer titrator, you will be able to determine both high water and low water content.

How the Karl Fischer Titrator Works

Using a Karl Fischer Titrator is a method in analytical chemistry that uses coulometric or volumetric titration. It was named after German chemist Karl Fischer. 

Such a method traces the amount of water in a sample. Although it remains the end goal, the technique has since evolved. It is easier, safer, and faster to determine water content in a sample than when Fischer first invented the process.

Why People Like It

  • Extreme Accuracy

Compared to loss-on-drying, a Karl Fischer titrator will determine with accuracy the exact percentage of water in a sample. In loss-on-drying, the moisture gets checked, and the water content will get calculated from there. However, it is not just water that goes to the moisture. Hence, other volatile components are already present in the sample.

Through the Karl Fischer Titration, the reaction reflects the exact amount of water because there is no other water source in the base.

  • Flexibility of Application

Because there are two methods in Karl Fischer Titration, namely volumetric and coulometric, there is an increase in the flexibility of applying the technique. The volumetric part handles the samples that get dissolved in several common solvents. As for coulometric, it would depend on the current consumption until the endpoint.

There are then two ways to determine the water content to arrive at a more precise determination. Likewise, it can get used for any matter. Solids, liquids, and gases – you name it. With just one type of Karl Fischer Titrator, you can sample anything under the sun.

  • It Works Even with Small Samples

Unlike other methods in determining water content in samples, using a Karl Fischer titrator works even if it is small. Because of this, you can repeat the process several times to be sure that the water content reading is accurate.

  • It is Speedy

The method is also very speedy. You can determine the water content in your sample in just a couple of minutes. The preparation is also not that long, so you save time when you use a Karl Fischer titrator.

  • It Does Not Involve Heat

The Karl Fischer Titration method does not involve heat anymore. Because of this, there is no possibility of degradation, reaction, and loss of sample. Therefore, without heat, it boils down to preciseness and accuracy again.

Types of Karl Fischer Titrators

Aside from the benefits stated above, you can also choose the type of Karl Fischer titrator you want to use.

You can choose among a titrator that has a touch-screen control or one that automatically starts. Another type has high-end volumetric and coulometric titrators, while the others are used for the most basic applications.

A titrator is an excellent investment. It helps you solve your analytical challenges as long as you choose the right product for your needs. Talk to an expert regarding Karl Fischer Titration before you purchase a titrator to be knowledgeable of the exact product you need. Be sure to talk to an expert because they will guide you better and not waste anything if you do that.

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