7 Reasons Taking Breaks Is Beneficial to Your Productivity


Sometimes, when you have a bunch of tasks to catch up to, you might choose to skip breaks and binge-work. It might seem like a good idea at the moment of panic, but not taking enough breaks can actually harm your productivity and lower your performance in the long run. No matter how busy you are, regular breaks are a must. Often, just grabbing coffee or taking a short walk is all you need to get the creative juices flowing. Here’s exactly why you should take your breaks if you want to improve or maintain your productivity:

They give you time to regroup

When you have a lot on your plate, it’s easy to get lost in the work and forget the big picture. Instead of keeping your head in your work all day, take time to look up and reevaluate your work. During your break, you can analyze what you did so far, sort out new tasks and see how close you are to your goals-it’s very beneficial to focus, productivity and motivation. 

They spark creativity

When you’re stuck in a creative rut, forcing ideas to come out can only achieve the opposite effect. Instead, take a break and clear your head. You will notice that all the best ideas come to you when you’re not focusing on work, so try to replicate that during your break. Take a walk, chat with your colleagues, look at some art at your local gallery or take a shower (if you work from home, of course). Not thinking about work is often just what you need to improve your work performance-it sounds like a paradox but it’s true!

They prevent injury

No matter if you’re doing a physically-demanding job or sitting behind the screen, work can cause many injuries, especially when you’re tired. Taking a break allows your body to stretch, relax and recover from work, which in turn results in fewer sick days and better overall productivity. So next time, just take a walking break and maybe even grab brunch to relax and refuel your body. Places like Miami have a rich brunch culture, so just look for the best brunch in Miami and take your pick. Something with a nice setting, relaxing atmosphere and amazing food is just what your body might need for a quick and efficient recovery.

They improve mental health

Regular breaks can help with anxiety, depression and stress, all of which are dangerous productivity killers. When your brain is engaged 24/7, it can’t produce quality work-we’re not meant to be working all the time. With better mental health comes a free flow of ideas, better creative thinking, better employee engagement and better overall performance.  

They boost memory

According to research, humans learn best in shorter bursts. Therefore, if you’ve been focusing on learning a new skill, studying a new case, or getting familiar with a new program, the best thing you can do for your information retention is to take a short break. A small breather will let the information settle in your brain, increase future concentration and allow a better understanding of new content. So no matter if you’re trying to improve your grades, impress your boss or start your own business, regular breaks can actually make you a more efficient learner. 

They minimize distractions

Here’s another one that sounds like a paradox, but taking a break can minimize our susceptibility to distractions. How? Well, when you’re working non-stop, it’s easy to wander off the path and dedicate more time to tasks that are not leading to the fulfillment of your primary goals. But, when you take a break, your brain can shift focus back on what’s really important. This way, you’ll not only boost your productivity but also do more work in less time-having clear goals to follow is the key to efficiency. 

They give you an energy boost

We’ve all been there: super sleepy and trying to focus on work in front of us. And we also know how that usually ends in very mediocre results or even failure. So what can you do to re-energize? Take a break, of course. A 10-20 minute power nap can completely restart your brain and body and give you enough energy to actually have a productive workday. If you can’t nap at work, a brisk walk to the water cooler can wake you up-any sort of break is welcome. 

Don’t push yourself and work without a break because you’re not a machine. A small rest won’t set you back but actually help your productivity, focus and performance. Long live the break!

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