9 Centerpiece Ideas for Every Occasion


A centerpiece assists to enhance your interiors in more ways than you can think of. It can be a seasonal refresher, part of permanent home décor and act as a special addition for a holiday or dinner party. There are several ways in which you can create intriguing centerpieces.

Here are some tips that can help you create wonderful centerpieces without spending a whole lot of money and time.

  • Wishing Well – This is a great way to celebrate something or someone like an expectant parent, recent graduate or a housewarming party. You can pass around strips of paper that are around six inches long and ask guests for writing a message to wish for the occasion. You can twist the papers around the pen for curling them. Then you can throw them in a bowl. During or after the desert you can ask the guests to read them.
  • Covers for Candle Slip – Though ironing can be a chore, but it is a great and fast way to turn the fabric scraps into textural forms to simple candle holders. All you have to do is keep the fabric in starch. After that, you can iron it and wrap around the candle and then you can use the tape for joining it.
Covers for Candle Slip
  • Asymmetry is the New Thing – For creating a stunning centerpiece you don’t have to be an expert florist. For creating the perfect centerpiece, you can use a ceramic pot that is devoid of a drainage hole instead of just a standard vase. You can crisscross the florist tape over the top for keeping the stems in place. At the time of going for the flower arrangements, you should allow them to arch out in all directions. You don’t have to make the arrangement to be perfectly symmetric. You can provide an earthy finishing touch by adding fruit like pears, small apples and even pomegranates by inserting a skewer into the fruits. Then you can slide the skewer into the arrangement.
Asymmetry is the New Thing
  • Create a Charming Container – You can take a soup tureen and you can put in the big blossoms like roses, hydrangeas and peonies that look gorgeous when displayed in that way.
Create Charming
  • Low Centerpiece – You should not fuss after formal and tall arrangements. A low bowl that is filled with floral foams creates a great foundation and a beautiful floral centerpiece.
  • Add More – Remember that if one centerpiece looks ok, then three will look even better. You can line the center of the table with greenery and white roses in a square container. For an added shot of color, you can just pop in popped pink cabbage roses in mini glass vases.
  • Leaf Centerpieces – With zero effort you can make a grand statement. The fronds and clippings from the house plants or trimmings look beautifully graphic when placed in the delicate glass jars and bottles.
  • Let There Be Light – You can bring things back in vogue by taking out the ostentatious brass candlesticks for creating the visual interests with heights that are varying. You can add a subtle golden glow to the centerpiece by unpacking them and putting them to work. You should not bother to line them up perfectly down the center of the table. It creates a relaxed and less formal look.
  • Fruits Floating – You can take large clear vases and fill them with different colors of liquids. Then you can make bright granny smiths float in them. This will create a whimsical illusion that is bound to entice the guests.
Fruits Floating

The above are some of the ways in which you can arrange centerpieces for your home. Just like you can opt for exhibition furniture hire in London to make your exhibition a success you can also hire centerpieces for special events when you need them in bulk. For personal occasions, you can choose from any of the above ways to create them. They call for minimum time and money and create great interiors for every occasion.

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