Different Types of Services Rendered by Stone Restoration Companies


Marble requires care and regular maintenance. Different types of acidic foods and cleaners destroy the surface in the long run by creating dull areas on the polished stone. Sliding furniture across these surfaces can cause scratches. These etch marks and scratches cannot be cleaned without expert intervention. The stone restoration companies address scratches, cracks, and other blemishes in marble. They can perform a full restoration to remove these damages completely, by providing a new finish.

Different types of Stone Restoration

#1. Wear Removal of Marble: If you have noticed dull areas in your marble, give the stone restoration companies a call. They will restore worn marble to its original look, bring back shine, and make those high-traffic areas consistent with the rest of your marble surface.

#2. Scratch Removal of Marble: Marble is a sensitive stone that is prone to blemishes and scratches. Every next day we can observe scratches and etches on the floor, and, for us, it is certainly a difficult task to remove these spots. Only a reputed stone restoration company can come to ones rescue at such a time. The stone restoration companies can hone down your marble by erasing scratches and creating a smooth, and even surface.

#3. Marble Polishing: If you have marble that looks duller than you’d like, either in patches or the entire surface, there are techniques which can make it shine. This technique can yield a high-gloss or low-gloss finish, depending on your preference.

#5. Marble Honing: Is your marble too shiny? Do you want to give it a matte look? The gloss can be cut down through a process called honing. This procedure can remove the shine partially or entirely from your marble surface, depending on your preference.

#6. Color Enhancement of Marble: The professional stone restoration companies can add both depth and richness to the color of your marble. The color enhancement provides protection against water and oil based staining and the great thing is that it do not fade under the exposure of U.V. light.

#7. Protective Sealing of Marble: For utmost maintenance, marble should be professionally sealed every two years. Though no sealer is an impenetrable barrier but a quality sealer will buy you time when milk, coffee or other acidic substances spill on your marble surface. When these substances spill and if a protective sealer is in place, the spill will only be on the sealer. It will not directly be on your marble.

#8. Professional Cleaning of Marble: The stone restoration companies clear away soil and debris, leaving your surfaces beautiful and free from harmful chemicals. It is recommended that marble is professionally cleaned once every two years or more frequently, depending on use.

#9. Chip Repair of Marble: Marble is a highly sensitive stone. It can sometimes sustain chips or more severe damage. When heavy objects fall over marble, entire segments of the stone can come off. The experts can use filler product to replicate segments that have gone missing.  With experts, damaged marble can be made to look as good as new, at times, even better.

Stone Maintenance after Stone Restoration

There are several stone restoration companies that offer different types of stone restoration processes in order to remove different types of staining on the stone material. After the restoration process, a clear, breathable sealer or an invisible water repellent should be applied in order to reduce the amount of water that is able to enter the stone. After installing a waterproofing seal, it is important to properly maintain the area in a manner that won’t damage the waterproofing seal. This can be achieved through a maintenance clean process.

There is a great deal of services that a stone restoration contractor provides. Grinding, seam polishing, honing, sealing, colour enhancing, crack and chip repair, stripping and grout cleaning are to name many. Even once you opt for a stone restoration company that gives the most efficient and satisfactory services, there are possibilities that things may fail or anything worse can happen.


So, before spending your money on stone restoration process, make sure that you hire the stone restoration companies that provides the services by experts. Hiring the experienced professional are of utmost importance as that helps you to remain tension-free once you hire them.

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