How to Conduct Customer Service Assessment Test Online?


The customer service department in any business enterprise is the first point of contact for customers. The department has to talk and listen to customers, answer their queries, register their complaints, help diagnose their issues, and provide assurance that their complaint will be handled effectively.

Interacting with customers throughout the day is the main job of customer service executives. It could be via chat, call, or email. The executives will have to be assertive, capable, efficient, and polite. They will also have to have a clear understanding of the rules and protocols of the enterprise they are working for. Multi-taking is another aspect of the job they have to excel in.

It has been noticed that 86% of the customers wouldn’t mind paying extra if it means they are guaranteed with good customer services. Also, around 40% of the customers tend to make more purchases if they are happy with the customer services provided by the business. Moreover, enterprises that have been focusing on developing and enhancing their customer services have seen an increase in their ROI and have made business almost 10 times worth their investment. The results of good customer service are seen in the long-term.

So, how do enterprises recruit their customer service executives? With the advancement in technology, the process has become easier than ever. Many companies in the market provide virtual assessment tests for business enterprises. The companies conduct the tests on behalf of the enterprises and deliver them the results of the test.

Customer service assessment test is one such test conducted by the companies. Business enterprises can choose the test form based on the specifications of their business. The companies provide a pre-designed list of test forms to choose from. Enterprises can also make changes to the test forms and include questions of their own.

Let us take a look at some of the different ways in which a test form can be finalized for the assessment test.

  • Job-based Test Form
    • The test forms are designed based on the standard job description.
    • Example:  IT Systems Support Analyst, Call Center Manager, Customer Service Representative, Client Services Analyst, Call Center Operator, Help Desk Specialist, and Desktop Support Specialist.
  • Subject-based Test Form
    • These test forms are designed with an emphasis on the subjects an employee has to have knowledge about.
    • Example: Microsoft Office® Simulations Skills, Inbound Call Center Simulation Skills, Typing and Data Entry Skills, and Customer Service Skills. 
  • Choose from Various Modules
    • The companies offer the enterprises a vast database with various topics and modules to choose from.                
    • Questions from more than one subject can be selected and test form can be designed to suit the specifications of the customer service job.
  • Create Customized Test Form
    • Enterprises can create their own test form with the help of the Test Advisor. The Advisor will work with the HR team of the enterprise and design a test form.
    • Material related to the enterprise can be uploaded to the test form application. The information will be kept confidential with the companies.
    • Documents, images, audio and video files can be uploaded as included as a part of the test form.
    • The customer service assessment test can be conducted real-time with an interactive interface that includes audio questions and real-time scenarios to assess the problem-solving skills of the candidate.

What are the different types of skills that would be assessed during the test for a customer service executive? The below mentioned are some of those.

  • Communication Skills
    • A customer service executive should be able to speak confidently with the customers.
    • The tone has to be courteous yet firm and assertive.
    • Persuading customers, assuring them, patiently explaining things, are a part of having good communication skills.
  • Time Management Skills
    • Being a customer service executive would mean that the person should be fast and efficient in their work.
    • Asking customers to wait on the call is a common part of the job. Making sure that customers do not have to wait long to get a reply from the executive is vital.
    • Taking too much time will annoy customers and result in poor customer service.
  • Problem-Solving Skills
    • The customer service executives should have quick thinking ability and decent problem-solving skills.
  • Computer Usage Skills
    • Computers are very much a part of the job. The executives should have a basic knowledge of working on computer systems.

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