[Infographic] 8 Overlooked Work Site Safety Practices


Preventing the threats that could befall to any kind of work can be a pretty hard thing to do especially if you are a company manager primarily responsible for enforcing worksite safety practices. While it may be true that knowledge regarding basic precautionary measures is widely open to the public nowadays, applying them on proper instances can still be tricky for most people. What’s more alarming is that some business institutions do neglect to consider minimizing the hazards that could befall on their seemingly healthy working environment.

Other than gaining profit and meeting monthly quotas, ensuring the safety of everyone within the workplace must also be included in the top priorities. It can also be one of the key factors that guarantee success for in a way it gives other benefits such as potentially boosting the productivity of the employees.

The following are eight of the most overlooked work site safety practices that everyone should be aware of:

  1. Awareness – Managers should keep in mind at all times the risks of not providing adequate training on their workers.
  2. Stress Management – Stressors are known as the number one productivity killers. To combat those stressors, employers can reduce them in the workplace by identifying its possible root causes.
  3. Effective Communication – Removing all communication barriers in the workplace as well as setting up some group discussions about the day’s goals and activities is a great start to avoid unnecessary injuries.
  4. Physical Fitness – Managers should always lead a worksite assessment that focuses on the physical condition of their workers.
  5. Mishandling Volatile Materials – Proper education about the right way of handling materials that could pose dangers to the workers.
  6. Minimizing Worksite Distractions – Limiting the use of gadgets and other materials that can serve as distractions for the employees.
  7. Innovation – Upgrading the company’s available resources based on the current conformities of modern technology.
  8. Maintaining Transparency – Preventing something that can tarnish the name of a company by omitting possible cover-ups of accidents.

The infographic below by Progressive Safety Equipment will further discuss these eight overlooked safety practices:

8 Overlooked Work Site Safety Practices (Infographic)

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