The decade is almost closing, and it has given us so much in terms of roofing trends. Now that a new era is approaching, there would surely be new architectural and engineering trends that you will see on more and more American houses. 

In 2019, there had been a roofing trend of using different materials other than asphalt shingles. More Americans buy solar, metal, and green roofs than the usual. Metal roofing, for instance, gained popularity in the West Coast due to its fireproof properties. However, asphalt shingles remain the most-used roofing material. 

High-quality roofs, also known as designer roofs, are also gaining popularity last year because of its durability. Most of the time, designer roofs come with a lifetime warranty. Designer roofs are popular in places with extreme weather conditions. Designer roofs come with a high price because of its quality, but despite that, it is one of the most bought roofs. 

Roofing technology has also improved in the last year of the decade. Roofing software is being used by contractors to improve their roof-building capabilities. Technologies such as drones are used to inspect the roof without having to climb on the roof itself. Using drones makes the job of contractors safer. 

Even roofing sales tactics differed in 2019. Before sales and products get the deal, now, what seems to get people to buy the roof is the relationship and trust built between consumers and suppliers. Clients are more likely to purchase roofing material from a more approachable salesperson. 

Now that the 2020s are approaching, you might be wondering which of these trends would stay and what new trends are going to rise next year. If you want to know what is going to blow up in the world of roofing, here is an infographic guide from Universal Contracting of Florida that could help you. 


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