[Infographic] Worksite Risk Assessment Steps to Follow


The workplace can be a dangerous environment as there will be a variety of unsafe activities taking place such as cleaning a part using chemicals, lifting a heavy load, or working in an area with a high noise level. When carrying out all these work activities,the likelihood for someone could be harmed or get sick would increase.

People think that incidents occur due to negligence or lack of protection in most cases. For instance, an employee transporting hazardous chemical stored in a glass container to the laboratory without any protection could carry the risk of an eye injury.

Employers must ensure the safety and health of each of their workers related to their work. That’s why carrying out a risk assessment is essential and useful in tackling the risks to safety and health at work.

A risk assessment can be used in recognizing and controlling hazards in your workplace. Identifying these hazards and evaluating the risks associated with them, you’d be able to check whether the measures in place is adequate or decide what should be added to protect the health and safety of their employees. 

Worksite Risk Assessment- 6 Steps to Follow

This infographic by Progressive Safety Equipment discusses steps on administering risk assessments in worksite premises.

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