10 Awesome Designs Of Custom Hair Extension Box Packaging


Hair extensions are popular cosmetic products that are used for a better appearance by people around the world. Keeping their luxury fashion trend in mind, packaging boxes for these products need to have super attractive designs. Not only that but to keep hair extensions in shape and very presentable is also a great concern for their packaging.

There are simply so many cosmetic brands in the market today that attractive and satisfactory packaging boxes have become a necessity. Cosmetic brands put great attention in their Custom Hair Extension Boxes, and for good reason. Some expected traits of high-quality Hair Packaging Boxes are:

  • Ability to highlight hair extension shades
  • Provide a protective packaging for hair extensions
  • Offer attractive designs for great attention grab on retail shelves
  • Offer brand identity with logo and name prints
  • Provide a satisfactory unboxing experience for customers

Here are 10 of the most unique styles of hair extension boxes you can have for your luxurious products:

1: Minimalistic Elegant Solid Color Boxes

Starting off our list are the minimal looking elegant Custom Hair Extension Boxes. These usually have only a single color as the background not and with some accenting contrast color to go with it. You can have slightly different shades for the different ends and sides of these elegant boxes as well as hen required. When done right, minimally beautiful packaging boxes for hair extensions never fail to grab attention on retail shelves. When you use the accented color brand logo printing, the experience gets more in your favor for customers.

2: Custom Hair Extensions Boxes with Clear Windows

To offer a clear peek into the actual shade of packaged hair extensions is probably one of the best ideas for these packaging boxes. Hair Packaging Boxes that have a clear front window or even a fully clear front side achieve just hat. Where the rest of your boxes can be made from sturdy cardstock or other materials, their front sides should have clear plastic films. These clear plastic films are also rigid enough to keep hair extensions in them safe and also keep their position for as long as required.

3: Hair Extension Boxes in Extension Color Shades

Another very efficient way of creating beautiful and attention-grabbing hair extension packaging is to have entire boxes in hair extension color shades. This idea is particularly unique and will never fail to grab your boxes as much attention as they need on retail shelves. When you have 20 different extension color shade boxes close to each other on a retail shelf, people will surely investigate. This important investigation time can also make many try hair extensions packaged inside boosting sales for cosmetic brands at the same time.

4: Metallic Printed Hair Packaging Boxes

When you do decide to go with minimalistic hair extension packaging, metallic printing for accents is a great idea. This metallic printing can be:

  • Gold/silver foil stamping
  • Raised ink printing in a metallic finish
  • Embossing or debossing in a metallic look

A solid black extension box with gold foil stamped brand logo and product name is just one example of how this can work. Do this right and your hair extension boxes will instantly become a retail sensation.

5: Hair Extension Boxes with Image printing

Image printing is one of the most effective ways of grabbing attention for retail products of many kinds. Hair extensions being fashion cosmetic products can use image printing with great authority. When you have actual images of hair extensions printing on packaging boxes with a famous model wearing them, it would be great from a marketing perspective. These images should however be the high definition with natural colors.

6: Bright Contrasting Color Packaging

A very effective way of grabbing attention with Custom Hair Extension Boxes is to use bright and contrasting color combinations. You can go with many different colors for your boxes as long as they are bright and contrasting. Some brands even try boxes that have different colored sides for their Hair Packaging Boxes. This implementation can look great when you have just the right color combinations. Have magnetic closing sides for your bright extension boxes and see how effective they become on retail shelves.

7: Long Flat Boxes for Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are pretty flat products. They usually range between a few millimeters in thickness. Although, your packaging boxes don’t need to be millimeters thick, yet having flat boxes can be a great idea. When you have flat and thin boxes, stacking up on retail shelves can be improved a great deal. They will also become the center of attention on retail shelves for customers. Flat long and tall boxes can also be stood up in their custom retail shelf boxes providing customers a clear view of their prints. Have clear frontal windows on these flat tall boxes and show off true extension shades from within them.

8: Custom Printed Funky Design Packaging Boxes

Printing is for attraction whichever surface it is on. Packaging boxes for hair extension products can use different styles of printing as well. When you want to go with funky styles, printing can make a real difference. However, when using funky prints, make sure to have samples first. Checking out how everything looks with printing heavy designs always helps in ironing out any errors or wrongly selected colors. Your packaging providers should be able to provide you with samples and templates.

9: Hair Extension Boxes with Extension Shade Indicators

Extension shade indicators for hair extension boxes are always a top choice. When you have boxes that don’t have a clear window at all, providing shade indicators will work great. This shade indicator color can be used as that accent for a minimal single solid color box as well. Have a patch of shade indicator on the front size of your boxes to create a truly interesting packaging idea.

10: Luxurious Full Clear Raised Top Extension Boxes

When you wish to provide your customers that true feel of luxury, full clear raised top Custom Hair Extension Boxes are great options. These have a solid material base with an extended base shaped totally clear top. Hair extensions sit or lay down on their bottom sides providing customers a clear view of their color shades. The base for these boxes needs to be thick as well supporting printability features as you will not get any designs of the clear top half. When done right, these can provide that luxurious touch to your hair extension packaging.

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