Offshore Software Development Solutions for Business Excellence


A company can outsource its work outside the firm for a number of reasons like lack of proper technology, efficient professionals or time. Out of all the work which is outsourced by a company, sending the software development offshore is a big deal. Generally, the software development is off-shored to a company located in other country which has better resources and works for reduced costs.

Which work can be outsourced?

In a software development project, the company can handover the development and maintenance activities related to the software. The offshore firm will be held responsible for the building of the software, testing, implementation and eventually supporting the application. Another way to outsource is to handover some specific modules of the software development to which resources and manpower are insufficient.

Offshore software development solutions

What is harder than finding a niche for your business in the marketplace? It is the excellence.

  • Business excellence can be achieved only when you have the best of the technology, expert workers and time to complete the projects. This is one of the reasons for offshore software development. You will get wide access to a global market bubbling with talent to choose from. The benefits of offshore software development outweigh any potential challenges you may be concerned with.
  • Outsourcing software development works well for multinational companies and start-up firms. MNCs are in need of outsourcing their software projects to save time and money and increase their profits.
  • Start-up firms need to outsource their software development to get access to talented professionals. There will no longer be the need to buy the necessary equipment and waste office space for software development. It is a strategic move to reduce operating costs.
  • Save your precious time and concentrate on other core works to boost your business while the offshore partner works on the software simultaneously. You can also save time by avoiding hiring new employees and training them for the projects.
  • Avoid the risk of making errors on software development by outsourcing it to a reputable firm which is known for quality software development and project management. Get high-quality software development done by outsourcing to an offshore partner and accelerate your product marketing. Marketing of applications can be done faster with stringent deadlines.
  • Budget is the single most term which dictates the running of a business. All entrepreneurs are keen on keeping the investment low and profits high. High developmental cost is the major factor for companies to offshore their software development. Outsourcing the work will help the company to reallocate the capital investment to other sectors of business development.
  • It’s a one-time payment. Unlike giving monthly salaries and benefits to the team working on software development, you can save money by outsourcing it for a fixed cost. Based on the time and size of the project, hire freelance offshore software development team and pay as per the project, instead of hiring them for full time.
  • Companies get ample of time to focus on their customers and clients and cater to their needs without disrupting the software development work. Come up with business strategies to increase your customer base and new techniques to retain your present consumers. Strengthen your marketing techniques with the time freed up by outsourcing.
  • Set your priorities and streamline the business process to run the company efficiently. To excel in business, you need to have the best products and a stronger marketing strategy to improve sales. Beat your competitors in the market by launching your applications prior to others with outsourced software development.
  • Avoid the potential challenges that come with off-shoring the software development. Clear and open communication between the development team and management is necessary to avoid mistakes and manage inadequacies.

Outsourcing options

Consider various types of outsourcing options for the projects and choose the best developer team that satisfies the requirement. You will get high-quality software development solutions at the right price with the right attitude. Remove all the ambiguity regarding projects by drawing up a proposal which lists in all your needs. Lack of specificity can lead to disastrous results in software development. That, in turn, can lead to wastage of resources, time and money. Communicate weekly or on a need per project to deal with ambiguities and see if the project is going in the right direction at a good pace.

To improve the quality of the software project hand, rope in your QA team or ask your offshore quality analysis team member to stay in lieu of the development. It is one of the best ways to reduce errors from beginning instead of dealing with a pile of bugs that accumulate towards the end. There is truly no limit when it comes to designing software or a developer’s imagination. Stick to the necessary features and eliminate the feel-good designs and features that add up the costs to have a successful business application.

Post-launch services

Companies make a contract with their offshore software development partners to provide services after the launch of application too. It is mainly directed towards fixing the bugs in the application and upgrading it based on the popularity. Those businesses that look to launch new versions of the software developed need the same development team to keep it updated. An offshore development partner often signs the security clause which makes the data regarding the application confidential and highly protected from prying eyes.

It is always a good option to outsourced software development if you don’t have a stable and highly skilled in-house team of developers. The company can give its employees the required space to carry out core functions without being overwhelmed with application progress. The efficiency of the employees is tremendously increased and it paves way for business excellence. Not all developers are hands-on with every technology update in your firm. Outsource your new software development to an offshore company that specifically handles new software developments.

Optimize your time, core business development, marketing and lay foundation for innovation by outsourcing software development to experts. It is a great way to share the responsibilities and boost development by several folds. To reduce any risks that may come from an offshore partner, do your homework before choosing a legitimate software development team and get your high (ROI) return on investment.

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