How to Prepare for a Corporate Photoshoot?


Today’s competitive market trends and trends in social media have heightened the importance of visual media. Your brand is no longer dependent only on word-of-mouth popularity. Pictures are playing a vital role in bringing your brand close to customers.

As such, professional photography by a well-trained Toronto commercial photographer has gained astronomical importance. This is especially helpful for corporates who wish to get up close and personal with their customers.

Corporate headshots are a great way to introduce the company’s culture and the masters behind the world-class products delivered to the customers. Getting ready for this stunning event requires thorough preparation. Here are some tips in this regard.

Set the Goals

Setting goals helps you get images that deliver the perfect tone of your brand. This pre-planning step is necessary for avoiding pitfalls and last-minute delays. You can avoid potential problems by thinking about where you plan to use these photos. Do you plan to upload it on your website? Or do you wish to use it for social media, booklets, banners, and magazines?

Next, consider the type of photos you prefer – headshots, full-length, or up to the waist. You will also need to consider the orientation and the shoot location. The right background, lighting, and composition are necessary for a successful photoshoot.

How do you visualize the photo to be? Do you think outside scenery will make an excellent background? Would you like to blur the background and highlight the foreground image? Convey your expectations to your Toronto commercial photographer. Sometimes, you may receive expert advice on how you can make your photograph look professional and outstanding.

Your photos can be polished or minimalistic. They can convey a serious, confidence, or inviting tone. Remember that the images of your company’s representatives determine the way customers form their opinion about your business. Add the right vibes to make a good impression on potential customers.

Find Your Inspiration

It is perfectly normal to be in a loss of ideas. You can consult a professional or look online for inspiring ideas. This helps you overcome the creative block and draw-out great set-ups. You can even consider using props that help to create the right mood. Opting for neutral props will allow the subject to really stand out.

Present Your Ideas

Now that you have a clear set of requirements share these expectations with your commercial photographer. Discuss the feasibility of your plan and check for any prerequisites to achieve the desired photo style. An in-person meet is recommended for this purpose. A well-informed photographer can get himself prepared with the right equipment, and team.

Now, choosing the right photographer for your photo shoot is equally important. Remember that no two photographers are alike. Each one comes with his/her own style of shooting and editing. So, check out the portfolio and expertise of your commercial photographer.

Does his/her work make you feel confident? Do you think your photographer is capable enough to convey your brand’s message to customers? These questions lay the foundation for superior-quality photos from a photoshoot.

Manage Time

Like with everything else, time management is vital for a corporate photoshoot. Check when your photographer can deliver the edited photographs. You will also need to discuss if you wish to receive the original photos along with the edited ones.

Discussing this before commencing the photo shoot can help you plan timelines for activities that follow your shoot. Plan your photoshoot – typically, a few weeks before the date you wish to receive the portraits. This will lend plenty of time to your Toronto commercial photographer for editing.

Have some buffer time on hand that helps to resolve unexpected issues. You can even provide wardrobe guidelines and photoshoot duration so that your employees can plan their day accordingly. Have another backup plan reserved in case of unforeseen weather conditions. Your building manager must be informed of the shoot to avoid conflicts in landscaping or cleaning routines. 

Getting Dressed

Quite naturally, being in the right attire is crucial. If you are planning on headshots, consider using solid-colored clothes that add a touch of elegance. Simple patterns can also be considered. With team shooting, you can have clothes that complement the location and that of other employees.

Most importantly, you must wear ones that are comfortable and neatly pressed. Remember that your discomfort will be visible in the photos. Accessories must be kept low-key and focus on the right dressing techniques.

What to Avoid?

One of the common mistakes is having a distracting background. A sharp background, bold colors, too much brightness, or distracting texts can draw your customers’ attention away. Also avoid wearing clothing with broad lines, prints, stripes, or bold patterns. Pay attention to finer details like wrinkles on clothes, à flyaway hair, or inappropriate accessories. Also, avoid slumped postures that do not yield any usable images.

Preparing for a corporate photoshoot is much beyond a few simple clicks. It demands effort from both the photographers and their clients. Preparing yourself ahead of the photo shoot will spare you from unwanted delays and even the possibility of a re-shoot.

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