How to Start a Furniture Business With Just One Tool – a Sander


It is worthy of mentioning that the furniture-making business is a profitable industry that offers attractive prospects. People no longer settle for old conventional designs; they want modern and unique designs. You might want to invest considerably in such a business with promising rewards. 

Do you want to know how to start a furniture restoration business? You are about to find out. The good news is that you can start the business with such little investment – getting a sander. All you need to do is to get acquainted with a random orbital sander review to purchase the best one on the market. Still don’t know ways around starting a furniture business? Don’t worry; we’ve gathered all you need to know here. Now, let’s get started!

How to Start a Refurbishing Furniture Business

Refurbishing furniture is one of the inexpensive businesses you can invest in today. You don’t need a shop full of sophisticated tools and a master’s degree in wood design; just get a sander and be sure that you’ve got some design skills and interest in carpentry. Furthermore, getting old things to restore or refurbish shouldn’t pose a difficulty, as you have them all around you. The fact is: people get a new set of chairs and tables for their offices and houses often and throw the old ones in the dumpster. So, the refurbishing furniture business comes to take advantage of this situation, which, if well planned, can help your small furniture business grow big within a little time.

Start a Refurbishing Furniture Business

Find the Right Materials

First off, you need to get the right materials – used or old furniture.  You can get these from shop owners, dumpsters, garages, and friends, among others. Thus, in creating your business furniture warehouse, you must always use high-quality items for your furniture design. This is important because the quality level of the fabric, paint, wood, and so on will determine the degree of trust earned and patronage achieved. With top-notch delivery of qualitative designs, you’ll expand your purview of customers.

Get Yourself a Sander

You don’t really need a variety of equipment to start a furniture business; generally speaking, a sander will do for starters. Sounds so simple right? A sander is an indispensable and a must-have tool in your workshop. It’s best at refinishing a piece of wood to fix deterioration or improper staining. Also, a sander comes in different sizes; so, you are at liberty to choose the one that suits you. Since you only have one at your disposal, we recommend you get sanders with a large surface. That is, the larger the surface area, the less you have to pass on a particular wood surface. New York Times asserts that getting a heavy-duty belt sander will help in the quick removal of paints, stains, and varnishes from wood. Also, an orbital sander is one of the most useful things you can use in your workshop. It is good at detailing and achieving a smooth level surface sanding.

The Art of Refurbishing 

To make perfect designs, you must be skillful in the use of sanding machines. Sanding is a process you need to pay the utmost attention to, as it is the most sensitive part of the furniture design procedure. However, if not careful with a sanding machine, you might end up making terrible designs! Hence, it becomes important for you to learn the art of using a sander in your workshop.  Put differently, ensuring business furniture solutions include learning how to make an evenly accurate surface and fashioning a much better design from old material.


In conclusion, all you need to start your furniture business is a power tool – a sander. If you have the required skill and passion for this work, don’t hesitate to invest a considerable amount in your new hobby. Remember, nothing worth doing is ever easy. 

Do you feel inspired to start such a venture after reading this post? That’s a step in the right direction. Usually, commencing a project like this can be a challenging task, but with utmost interest, focus, and persistence, you’ll land yourself right inside-living your dream. We’d like to know if you have any ideas about refurbishing the furniture business. Kindly drop your comment!

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