Things To Consider Before Installing Pool Fencing


If you have a pool in your backyard, pool fencing is one of the most important safety features that you must install. Pool fences can solve many different purposes. It can keep your kids from getting into the pool, give you privacy, make your property look better, and increase its value.

There are many different kinds of pool fences on the market right now. Selecting the correct one for one swimming pool may involve more than just looking good. So, you must consider other factors too while choosing a pool fence for your home pool. Here are a few important things to think about when choosing pool fencing to assist you in making the right choice. Keep reading.

During warmer months, if you want your children to remain active by going outdoors then having a pool in the backyard can prove to be a great idea. The sad part is that accidents may happen if you do not take care of children’s safety. It is better to buy pool fencing because this can protect your children from accidentally drowning. A small child can easily find his or her way to the pool and this can prove to be risky. In Australia, swimming pools need to be fenced properly according to the law.  Below mentioned are some of the things that you need to look at,

The Material:

Today, there is a diverse selection of materials to construct a pool fence. Wood, steel, aluminum, mesh, and glass panels are the kinds of materials that are most frequently purchased and utilized for pool fencing.

When you are selecting a material for pool fencing, get to know each of these materials’ benefits and choose accordingly. However, your decision will also be influenced by the amount of money you have available, as well as the sort of pool fence that complements the design of your pool and the environment around it.


One of the most frequent concerns that a lot of people face about their pool fencing is that it looks unattractive. If you choose the right material for the fence around the pool and put it in the right spot, you should be able to make it fit in with the surrounding landscape. Wooden pool fences are often preferred because they provide the impression of being more natural and go with your surrounding garden area. Another popular type of fence is the frameless glass fence which has a seamless look. You also have the choice of strategically placing some plants and other wonderful landscaping solutions around the pool fence. This will result in softening of the appearance.

Locking mechanisms:

Because today’s children are smarter than Einstein, thus we must install childproof locks on the safety fence. The market is stocked with a wide selection of locks. This includes traditional locks, self-latching, automatic shutting locks, and even high-tech, smart locks. Normal locks are included in this category. We may expect the highest level of service from high-tech security locks.

The Measurements:

There are rules about the minimum size of pool fencing in many states and cities, and contractors have to build it according to these rules. Even if you live in an area where there are no such rules, there are still some basic rules you have to follow for safety reasons, especially when you have kids in your family.

First of all, the pool fencing should be at least 4.5 feet tall. There shouldn’t be more than 4 inches gap between the two pickets. The bottom horizontal rail of the fence should be no higher than 2 inches above the ground. In contrast, the horizontal rail in the center must be 45 inches or higher from the lower horizontal rail.

Pool Area Fencing

Permanent or Removable:

You can choose permanent or detachable pool fencing depending on your needs and tastes. For example, if you have children around, it’s best to put up a permanent fence around the pool. This is so they can’t go into the pool even when an adult is nearby.

But, if you require more area around the pool at any time, you need a fence that can be taken down. With a removable pool fence, it’s easy to take it down, especially when you’re having a party or getting together with friends and family.


Ensure that your pool fence is installed correctly and securely. It is strongly advised that you seek the assistance of a professional. To get started, make contact with an experienced pool fence specialist.

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