Top 7 Sales Strategies to Help You Close the Deal


If you’re in sales, then you know just how much effort you need to put behind customer deals. You have to bring your customers to a frame of mind where they want your product, and then have them buy it. This is quite a skillful process, and you need to employ all the methods and expertise in your repertoire to get the best results. When companies set up sales and marketing teams, their talent acquisition strategy takes revenue generation as the end goal.  

So, you need to work towards this goal and close as many deals as possible. You’ll not only get a respectable commission but will also develop a good reputation in the industry. Therefore, you should stay up to date with as many sales techniques as possible. There are some great sales strategies that use a number of psychological and marketing methods to help convince your customers. Here are some of the top-rated sales strategies you must try when you want to convince your customers.

Assumptive Close

This is a bold move, but you have to carry out your whole sales pitch and communication as if you’re sure the customer will buy the product. This confidence is highly effective and communicates that positive energy to the potential buyer.

When you use this method, add phrasing which assumes the customer has made a buying decision. For example, you can ask them when you can send the product over to their house. These statements act like limited options, and customers tend to respond to them in the affirmative.

Empathy Close

Emotions are a very strong tool if you use them effectively. In some cases, you can use them as the primary factor behind your pitch, instead of numbers and reason. You need to relate to your customer’s pain points and offer your product as an excellent solution.

When you empathize with your customers and show them that you care, then they’ll be more inclined to buy the product. Focus on the pain point aspect, show that you understand their problems, and present the solution. This works quite well, and also helps you develop a relationship with your customers for future purchases.

Hard Close

As the name states, a hard close is when you overtly push the customer to make a purchase. This method requires a lot of finesses, confidence, and courage. If you come across as too desperate, the customer may not be convinced. Instead, you should be extremely confident, and use phrases like ‘let’s set up your payment’.

While this may seem similar to an assumptive close, it does have its differences. You have to be a bit more forceful and lay all your cards on the table. However, your customer should not feel coerced, so you need to be quite clever with this strategy.

Take Away Close

This method also uses some basic psychological techniques. First, you name a few products and add-ons which may be quite appealing to the customer. Then, you move on and offer them alternatives. They will still be in the frame of mind where they’re interested in the initial product and will get the push to buy it.

This strategy works with the human psyche because people often appreciate something more when there’s a possibility of being taken away. So, you should use it to get people to buy your products.

Urgency Close

Many marketing campaigns use this method to convince customers. There’s nothing like a sense of urgency to get people to make faster decisions. When you tell clients that you’re offering a deal for only a limited time, and give them a solid timeline, they’ll be afraid of letting the deal slip out of their hands.

This will spur them to buy the product, and close the deal quickly. This sense of urgency is a great way to sell your products, and lets you meet your goals within your set deadlines as well.

Analytics Close

Not everyone responds well to emotional or psychological techniques. You may have some customers who want to know the numbers and quantities behind everything. They’d like to analyze the quantitative factors of your product before making a calculated buying decision.

With such customers, you have to offer clear data and numbers. Give them percentage values of how certain aspects of their life will improve if they buy your product. These customers will respond better to this data. Make sure you compile a set of data for such situations in advance. You should always be prepared for such customers, especially if you work in the B2B sector.

Visualization Close

People understand things more if they can visualize them. You need to help your customers visualize how your product will change their lives and describe it effectively. A demo would also be a good idea at this point. This will help buyers think about how your product can benefit them. Once you get into their minds with visualization, you can convince your clients in a better way.

To sum up, there are many sales strategies you can use to close deals effectively. These strategies use a mixture of marketing and psychological techniques to get the job done.

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