What Does A Salon Chair Do, And What Are The Types Of A Salon Chair?


Hair care has become an important thing to do in this modern era. Taking care of your hair will require you a few things. You will need the best platform from where you can get the necessary guidance for the healthy growth of your hair. You will go to a salon for this purpose as well. The salon chair is the center of attraction in any salon. This chair is used for hair care, manicures, and pedicures.

Women love to go to these places to get their hair done and a new hairstyle. They will go to get a foot massage as well. For all these things, the need for a salon chair emerges. This article will tell you about a salon chair and what it does for you. You will learn many other things as well.

What do you mean by a salon chair?

A salon chair is one of the most frequently used chairs in salons that are used for hairstyling, manicure, pedicure, and many other purposes.

What are the other names for a salon chair?

A lot usually knows a salon chair of names. Most of those names are mentioned below.

  • Hair styling chair
  • Beauty styling chair
  • Stylist chair 
  • Barber’s chair
  • All-purpose chair

What does a salon chair do?

A salon chair is used for the following purposes.

  • It is used for hair care, such as styling, cutting, and drying your hair.
  • It is used for trimming and shaving the facial hairs of customers.
  • It is used for providing you foot massage as well.
  • It is used for its detachable headrest. This headrest is removable. So, the stylists can remove them at any time they want.

What are the types of salon chairs?

The main types of salon chairs are mentioned below. Each chair is specific to a task. Let’s just look at the purposes of each chair.

  • Styling chair:

These chairs are made with full reclining options. Usually, these chairs are used for cutting a customer’s hair. These chairs are also used for drying and styling your hair.

  • Pedicure chair:

These chairs are made with a footbath. This footbath is making these chairs useful for foot massages of your customers. You will find them relaxing for your foot.

  • Barber chair:

These chairs are considered to be the all-rounder. They are made with the headrest and footrests as well. You will find these chairs good in all aspects.

  • Shampoo chair:

These seats are made with thick seat cushions. Most salons use these chairs for washing the hair of their customers. These chairs are made with the best footrests.

  • Facial chair:

These chairs have extraordinary features such as lifting, moving, lowering, and reclining. All this is made to give the customers a perfect facial.


Self-care is essential not only for women but also for men. For this purpose, beauty parlors and salons are made. These places use a lot of facilities such as comfortable chairs to relax their customers. One such thing is a salon chair.

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