10 Best Tools for Freelancers and Hiring Managers


Freelancers have the opportunity to put their fingerprints on lots of great projects. But finding rewarding work and customers that click can seem like dating, with continuous account modifications in the desire of finding an equivalent.

Contra is utilizing the power of the freelancer community. This professional network really feels kind of like a go across in between LinkedIn and Upwork, with a layer of Adobe Profile. In various other words, Contra allows freelancers to draw with each other a collective, visually pleasing profile, support fellow freelancers with recommendations, offer services, and make money.

On the other hand, matchmaking works too, and that is where Huddle is shown up. On Huddle, the hirer specifies what they need and Huddle suits the project with a pop-up group, which means less sweat from freelancers attempting to perfect their picture because Huddle knows the worth they give the group.

For Creator, they have a Creator Community in beta. Since lots of founders aren’t ready to hire a group, each month they approve a couple of enthusiastic founders into their community to obtain support from their builders-in-residence for a small membership charge.

Tools for freelancers and hiring managers:

1. Huddle

Get a pop-up team of expert designers and builders – https://www.huddle.works/


2. Contra

A new kind of professional network – https://contra.com/


3. Storetasker 2.0

Where Shopify brands meet their developer – https://www.storetasker.com/


4. Side Hustle Stack

A resource to find platform-based work – https://sidehustlestack.co/

Side Hustle Stack

5. Notion Pack

All the freelance docs you need, as Notion templates – https://www.supercreative.design/download/notionpack

Notion Pack

6. FloTask

A simple platform to help you manage your freelance projects – https://flotask.webflow.io/


7. Borawork

Must have all-in-one project management tool for freelancers – https://borawork.com/


8. The Self-Employment Tax Hub

Free resources to conquer freelance taxes and save money – https://www.hellobonsai.com/self-employment-tax

The Self-Employment Tax Hub

9. LaborX Gigs

Sell fixed-price gigs in exchange for crypto – https://laborx.com/gigs

LaborX Gigs

10. Zaprite

Convert your time into bitcoin – https://app.zaprite.com/dashboard


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