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In the phase of a fast-changing economy and cut-throat competition, companies need to not just to survive but expand and grow as well.  This is possible only if they have a workforce of a skilled and efficient workforce. Unfortunately, the demand for the workforce fluctuates, and there is always a shortage of skilled labour. To meet the demand these agencies are being set up. This is where skilled labour hire agencies come in and bridge the gap.

Labour Hire Agencies

Most companies are known to complain that they just cannot find enough skilled workers for their projects. The issue is that the current workforce is nearing retirement and the demographics project that there are far lesser numbers of people who can fill the gap left by the retiring generation. The problem with the workers is that some of them are not skilled enough to do the job.

The shortage of skilled workers

The average age of skilled workers is in the fifties, and as the baby boomer generation enters the retirement age, the new skilled labour entry will remain stagnant for some years. The reason is that no one wants to do manual labour anymore. Thus, the shortage of skilled workers is expected to grow, and some of the most difficult jobs to fill in. It would be like highly skilled and experienced welders and electricians, equipment operators, linemen, and the list goes on with its competitive superiority.

Skilled workers do not necessarily mean someone who needs to install or fix something. Skilled workers are advanced professionals who are computer literate and know the use of advanced technologies like working with robotics and lasers. It is way much easier to sit in a room and work for hours rather than do a manual task. Everyone demands skilled professionals in such a specific field, so they do their higher level of work in a short time.

Many jobs remain vacant for weeks together as the company is not able to find the right man for the job. Agencies tend to pick up any random person opting to work even without the proper function skills. Many agencies look at the scenario as an opportunity and have sprung up as skilled labour-hire firms to help address the shortage of labour. A shortage of workers and employees can place tremendous strain on a company or business. However, now they can rely on skilled labour firms to get the workforce they need.

Get the competitive edge

One can always rely on skilled labour hire agencies to get the talent they need. However, they can also look for creative ways to attract the right talent. Here are some great ideas.

  • Make good use of social media – Social media platforms are some of the great places to find quality employees. It has already become a powerful way of recruiting new employees and identifying potential candidates.
  • Get quality referrals from trusted employees – Ask your trusted employees to give some good referrals and incentivize them to find new hires. Their older relationships and friendships network can dish out quality candidates for your firm. Try to get in touch with people who have dealt with the situation before.
  • Hold open interview days – You can arrange for an open interview day or plan a job fest for your company. This is an effective way to get in touch with local talent and encourage job-seeking friends of your employees to come out. You would be pleasantly surprised at the number of candidates that could show up. Also, you can easily clear all your doubts without any hesitation and choose the correct person for the job.
  • Hire temps, freelancers, and students – There is immense talent hidden in independent freelancers and students who are willing to work on small projects for the short term and can alleviate stress on your full-time employees. This is a great way to look for skilled labour hire and get the kind of workers you need.

The opportunity for skilled labour hire is a win-win situation for both firms and workers. Now the company can hire the workers they need at any time, and the workers, on the other hand, will always have a wide range of choices as to where and which project they would like to work on.

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