Things to Consider Before Getting EFI Carburetor Replacement


An electronic fuel injection conversion means getting the carburetor replaced by an electronic fuel injection system. Older models of vehicles have carburetors, but the newer vehicles are now being set up with EFI systems. EFI systems are faster and better and they improve the performance of the vehicle altogether. EFI carburetor replacement is a lengthy and tedious process but there are various fuel injection conversion kits available in the market that makes it much easier.

Sometimes there is a need to change the carburetor because the fuel that flows through jets completely relies on the air that can be filled into the carburetor system. It will not be able to check the air-to-fuel ratio for every single cylinder.

Tools and Materials Required for An EFI Carburetor Replacement:

  • A wrench
  • A throttle body
  • Injectors
  • A laptop
  • Sensors
  • An EFI system
  • A conversion kit
  • A wiring harness
  • Machining tools (option: taking it to a machinery shop)

The Process of EFI Carburetor Replacement: 

1. Removing the carburetor:

The very first step in the process of EFI carburetor replacement is taking off the carburetor. The pipelines and hoses connected to the carburetor are to be removed first. The carburetor is usually mounted to the parts y nuts. A wrench should be used to remove the nuts and get the carburetor out of the vehicle. If the carburetor is in good condition, it can be sold off. Otherwise, it has to be thrown out as junk.

2. Installing the injectors in the intake area:

The second step requires installing the injectors. The intake area has to be wielded to make space for the injectors to fit in. This means that the vehicle must be taken to a repair garage to aid the process of wielding and to make the work less messy. Once the welding is done, space is available for fitting the injectors. Once the injectors have been slid into place, we get ready for the third step.

3. Installing the throttle body:

The amount of air that goes into the valves is regulated by the throttle of a vehicle. The universal throttle model is the best that can be used, as it is compatible with all types of vehicles. However, a separate air controller is required to be installed along with the throttle body. This air controller is fitted into a tiny passage that blows extra air across the throttle plates.

4. Installing the sensors:

The next step in an EFI carburetor replacement is installing the sensors. During the replacement, all measurements are required to be taken and many sensors are to be installed. Namely, the coolant sensor, oxygen sensor, throttle position sensor, etc. the kit being used for the EFI carburetor replacement should contain the sensors. If not, there are sensor packages that can be bought separately from the market.

5. Adjusting the distributor:

The new EFI system will now control the timing of the ignition in the vehicle, all these need to be locked out of the area of the distributor. If the process of sequential injection of fuel is used, then a distributor with dual sync will be required. This is a significant step towards the completion of an EFI carburetor replacement procedure.

6. Setting up the electronics:

The most important step in an EFI carburetor replacement adjusts and setting up the electronics in the EFI system. Getting an aftermarket system is the easiest way to set up the electronics because it is a pretty tough deal to reprogram an entire factory unit controller. All the required functions are programmed by connecting a computer to a laptop and then all the various types of settings can be customized. Most of the components will be very easy to install and once done, the vehicle will be all ready to work fine and run smoothly.

Should You Get an EFI Carburetor Replacement Done?

An EFI carburetor replacement is not an easy task. It requires way more work than buying a certain package and installing it in the system. However, this is a one-time investment, and if you are someone who prefers working hard once and enjoying the fruits in the future over repairing the vehicle frequently and within short timespans, then this is totally something you should get done. Before getting the replacement, do consider the various steps that you have to work on, as mentioned above.