6 Best Sites to Watch Cartoon Online


Finding the best site to watch cartoons online is very difficult when you have a lot of options available. There are thousands of online sites available that one can refer to. One has to look at some of the features in the sites that we are going to discuss below.

After this, it will be easy for you to find a reliable site that one can use daily and allow kids to watch cartoons.

3 Tips to Select Best Site

1. Sound Quality

Better frequency and quality help to transfer clear sound and better bass quality. The sound should be in acceptable volume to prevent damage to ear walls. Don’t allow kids to watch high-volume sound lest they might damage their eyes & ears.

2. HD Picture Quality

Picture quality and the rays coming out of the screen have an impact on the retina and in turn, affects the eyes a lot. So, check the picture quality of your device to ensure better performance.

3. Search Options

The search box of the site should be efficient enough to provide better results. The search box always helps navigate to any channel or show easily. It makes the site more user-friendly and effective to use. Sites with better search boxes always give good options to the users.

Top 6 Sites to Watch Cartoon Online:

1. Cartoons On

It is one of the best online cartoon sites with premium and HD quality videos. The site has different genres and an expansive library for kids. One can fulfill their desire to watch cartoons by just viewing cartoons on one single site.

It is a user-friendly platform that can be accessed through various devices like android, iOS, tablets, desktops, and many more. Whether new or old, all types of cartoons are available on this site.

2. YouTube

One of the popular sites to stream any video. Children can view different types of cartoons, animation, and much more related content that are uploaded for kids only. Even youtube gives an option to the parents to select child mode, which helps to monitor & restrict the child’s access to content.

If you have premium YouTube, then your kids can watch cartoons uninterrupted without any ads. The platform provides videos on various video quality types. Hence, it will be easy to watch with low video quality thereby consuming less internet bandwidth.

3. Cartoonito

We prefer watching cartoonito because the theme of the site is super flexible and nice. One can easily watch their favorite cartoons and enjoy the whole day.

It also has many videos streaming someone cracking jokes for kids with really funny cartoon series. It also provides a perfect educational platform for kids with so many English rhymes with a lot of things to learn. Basic manners could be learned by children easily.

4. Disney Junior

Again Disney is a fantasy for many users. Apart from children, there are many adults who wish to visit Disneyland once. But here at this site, one can explore & watch all the related cartoons with various Disney characters.

It will be fun to watch Mickey mouse, mini mouse, Donald Duck, Tom & Jerry, etc. Puppy dog pals is another popular cartoon available on Disney Junior.

5. Nickelodeon

We have seen people searching for various kinds of cartoons with a variety of striking colors. But here we have a list of radio or games that kiddies can enjoy. One can start watching nickelodeon to allow children to grow their overall character with the mind.

It is a very old channel with a variety of collections. The orange color suits best the website, which can attract children easily.

6. Pogo

Pogo is another channel to watch cartoons like Chota Bhim, Oswald, road runner show, Doremon, Takeshi’s Castle anchored by Javed Jaffrey, etc. The content displayed by this channel is largely enjoyed & relished by almost all kids from age 1 to age 10. The kids get moral lessons apart from sharpening their brains. Pogo channel is available online as well.

7. Cartoon Network(CN)

Last but not least the widely known cartoon network is known for streaming almost all cartoons of all types along with brainstorming games for kids. The kids enjoy watching cartoons, particularly Tom & jerry’s shows to get massively entertained. The cartoon network channel is not only available on Youtube but on other offline cable channels as well. The cartoons that are played are live cartoons


So, the top 7 options and the selection guide will help you to select the best site to watch cartoons online. We have researched and selected these sites. Therefore there is no problem with whether to have your kids stream those channels or not.

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