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All you have to do is choose one out of the Top 6 laptops under $1500 listed here. It’s brilliantly affordable, has excellent performance, long battery life, and exquisite designs.

Budget decides the quality of laptop you choose, isn’t? not anymore. I have crafted the list of Top 6 laptops Under $1500 to feed the tech admirer in you. There is absolutely no requirement to stop yourself from getting what you have been craving for months in end.

Your decision to buy a laptop also depends on where you will be using it for. Whether you are researching it for business use, studies, households purposes, or gaming I have got it all covered. List of 6 best laptops under 3 different categories to save your time.

It’s always about what is trending in the tech industry if you ask me I would point my finger towards numbers. Numbers don’t lie and according to my tech research team, the very best of the laptops are 30 sec away from your eyes to read.

I am going to start with 2 of the best-recommended laptops for professional use. Your laptop serves as your tech savior, isn’t it? It does for me and that is why I wouldn’t want to compromise on the quality of work.

Laptops under $1500 for professional use

You never want to compromise on the quality of the question is about your profession. Everyone wants to deal with the best, so my team picked out two of the niche products at the best prices for you.

1. Microsoft Surface Laptop – $1029

For professional space, it’s always smart to get a sleek gadget for all the right reasons. You can handle it easily, carry it without giving a second thought and most of all you have got to build up that impact around. Don’t you?

Microsoft gave us uncountable gadgets to obsesses about and this one is quite one of them. This newly launched sleek Microsoft surface laptop is picture-perfect. The shiny structure will grab your attention the moment you set eyes on it. When it’s about performance, you experience an ever-surprising accurate trackpad, fast speed, HD display, and a very compact keyboard.

Microsoft Surface Laptop

Must Know
Comes with a 7th-generation Intel core processor and gets you ultra-definition streaming. The Tone of Tone matt+Shiny combination is intense. You get four different shades including Cobalt Gold and Graphite grey two of my favorite. Check out these pointers to have a clear picture.

  • You get amazing battery life
  • Has a smooth touchpad along with a high-functionality keyboard.
  • Incredibly fast in performance
  • The intense display screen for excellent quality.

If you have been wondering to get a sleek laptop this year then this is your chance. One of the best so far in 2018, your professional friend in need. This Laptop under $1500 has been reviewed as a total value for money.

2. HP Spectre X360 – $1019

The second in the professional list of the laptop is the kind that you might feel proud to flaunt. I am not much of a praiser when it comes to brands, I believe in quality and this one really deserves the limelight.

HP Specter X360 is all over the best to use for professional work, it’s flexible, lightweight, smart with looks and designed to attract.

HP Spectre X360

Must Know
You get an amazing 4k display screen with a core i7 processor to give you brilliant speed and clarity. You will be overjoyed to have lightning-fast speed and expandable memory storage.

The backlit keyboard is super convenient to use and looks classy as well. The best feature is you can use this laptop as a tablet with the flexible fold or use it in stand mode.

  • Super fast and redefined performance for professional use
  • Comes with extreme graphics quality
  • Gives you an extended battery life.

Your chance to get a complete 360-degree experience at work is what makes this laptop more desirable. The best features are highlighted to give you what is expected out of it. The is one of the best Laptops under $1500 and proves to be a total value for money.

The second category is thoroughly focused on home browsing, people looking to have a home gadget to support family needs are all in this category. The final 2 laptops reviewed are under $1500 for your convenience.

Laptops under $1500 for House use

Every home requires a laptop for general use and there comes a time when you want to invest to cover the need. That is when this list will come in handy, check the list of two defined laptops to fit your home needs.

1. Dell XPS 13 – $1020

Dell manufactured a chain of laptops for home use, your kid’s best friend and extremely affordable when it comes to pricing. You can have all the basic functions you want with Dell at the best price. As long s Dell XPS 13 is concerned you can get a 13-inch screen that gives you an HD display.

The processor ranges from i3 to i7 with its best card of infinity edge display. The performance of this laptop is more than satisfactory, with a carbon fiber display you won’t find any glide when it’s to hardware longevity.

Dell XPS 13
  • Brilliantly fast in performance
  • Come with long battery life
  • Excellent color display
  • Best Options for convertible laptops for home

The number alone decides what level of performance you will be getting and you can be sure about this sleek-looking laptop because it’s slightly lighter and much smarter than its predecessor. Your sentiments of value for money are religiously looked after and you have a standard support warranty for this product.

2. Asus K200MA – $1316

This is one of the most popular and inexpensive laptops in the market at the moment. It’s possibly lightweight compared to the rest of the laptops trending at the moment. The structure is pretty smart and small to fit into a backpack without having trouble with the weight.

This laptop is blessed with a 3.0 USB port which is faster as compared to the usual 2.0 port. You get an 11.6-inch display with smooth finish edges and a bay trail dual-core processor.

Asus K200MA
  • The touchpad is pretty handy and smooth
  • Comes with an amazingly long battery life
  • The jaw-dropping hardware is attractive in looks
  • Multi-Touch gesture is pretty brilliant when it’s about streaming and drawing graphics for minor work.

The battery result totally depends on what you are using it for, but it’s got a good 5-6 hours of battery life at the maximum. The lightweight is again a winner and you can easily get the HD view and sharper graphics with one of the most affordable pricing in the tech market recently.
The third category is going to cover the remaining doubts you have about affordability and budget. I have two of the best laptops displayed for College use.

Laptops under $1500 for College Use

This is where you choose your dream laptop for which you have been saving your pocket money. I am well aware of how it is when you are in college, you save decent bucks every month from your part-time job. I have been there which is why I am going to give you super affordable laptops.

1. Asus Chromebook Flip C302 – $485

The first look at the pricing can give you a major excitement but wait till you dive in. The Chromebook flip is an amazing device with 65 Gigabytes of storage. The battery is tested to last up to 48 hours without giving you a single glitch.

You get the 360-degree convertible screen with an HD display and redefined multi-touch response.

Asus Chromebook Flip C302
  • You can be satisfied with the backlit keyboard display which makes it easy to type
  • Surprisingly the UI is excellent for streaming videos
  • Comes with long-lasting battery life.

So, when you go to spend your hard-earned money to buy a laptop keep in mind to choose laptops with a total value for money from all angles. As long as Asus Chromebook is concerned, it totally flips the other side to have your tech desires on fire.

2. Lenovo Yoga Book – $369

The yoga book is the answer to all your college needs. You get a sleek well-built laptop with 360 angles of storage, you can be satisfied comes with a stylus to make you create the create page. According to me, this super-thin yoga book is a total winner with a creative pad that can even turn into a complete keyboard.

Lenovo Yoga Book
  • The trackpad and keyboard feel might be an issue if you are used to the traditional keyboard.
  • Comes with an excellent battery life of 9 hours of regular
  • It’s possibly lighter in weight to slip into your college backpack anywhere.
  • Has a brilliant price tag for college students.

These excellent features are what make this inexpensive laptop a hit. Your hard-saved money will be invested in the right place because this laptop is a complete value for money.

Core Extract

My main motive was to provide you with the most affordable laptops under the budget of $1500. Best of all you get all the basic functions which are to be expected in a highly ranges gadget.

Every user comes with different requirements no matter if it’s about work, profession or studies. Your requirement is what we religiously look out for if there is anything more you have questions about, feel free to drop in to interact and share.

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