How to Get a Perfectly Sparkly Smile


Did you ever look at a photo of yourself and become disgusted by your yellow teeth? It happens to everyone from time to time. Sometimes you can blame the lighting or the contrast, but oftentimes, your teeth really need some more love and care. If you’re looking for ways to get your perfect and shiny teeth back, here are a few tricks to keep in mind.

Start with the basics

In most cases, the path towards a perfect smile doesn’t have any shortcuts. To get that coveted pearly-white smile, you need to put in the work and brush your teeth at least twice every day. This habit is vital for a healthy smile, especially when combined with regular flossing. Your dentist is right, and you do need to floss regularly to remove all the buildup in between your teeth and prevent cavities. Finish up your dental hygiene routine with an antibacterial mouthwash.

Choose the right foods

What you drink and eat plays a big role in your teeth health and look. Sure, we all indulge in sweets and sugary drinks sometimes, but it’s not the same if you have these every day or once a week. Sticky and crunchy desserts are especially bad, but so are coffee and smoking. And if you combine them, you can expect them to strongly affect the look of your teeth. But, don’t worry. There are teeth-friendly foods and drinks you can enjoy daily. For instance, you can replace coffee with tea or water and replace red wine with white wine. If you can’t avoid eating and drinking all these staining ingredients, at least make sure to brush right after consummation.

Also, dairy is great for teeth because it’s rich in calcium and doesn’t have any color to stain your teeth. Fruits and veggies are amazing snacks that will clean your teeth (especially the crunchy kind) and also ensure you maintain a healthy weight. Think apples, strawberries, cucumber and carrots – they are full of vitamins and minerals yet don’t damage your smile.

Book a teeth whitening treatment

Sometimes, you can’t be blamed for your dull teeth at all. With age, the enamel starts to lose its clear properties and the dentin underneath starts to yellow and thicken, causing your teeth to look old and dull. In case you only have discoloration on your outer teeth layer, you can book a teeth whitening treatment with your dentist. If that’s too much of a hassle for you, you can opt for reliable teeth whitening in Australia and do the process at home.  There are toothpaste and whitening strips you can try and get your youthful smile back without too much money or effort.

The right makeup can do wonders

Women who are struggling to achieve that bright Hollywood look can do one simple trick and potentially improve the look of their teeth – change their makeup. If you often wear lipstick, your safest bet is to go for red lipstick shades with blue undertones. These shades always make the teeth look brighter since blue cancels out yellow, thus making your teeth appear whiter and brighter. When you get to the makeup store, make sure to look for blue undertones in your red lipstick or ask the staff for help.

Combat mouth dryness

We all sometimes experience dry mouth, but this issue usually becomes more prominent with age. Whether due to hormonal changes, improper hydration or certain medication, people might start suffering from a lack of saliva. This phenomenon is not only uncomfortable, but it also causes the buildup of bacteria which can cause tooth decay, gum disease and overall issues in oral hygiene, including yellow teeth. If you want your mouth to stay healthily moist, it’s best to always have some water by your side – water is the best hydrator in the world. Sugarless gum or sugarless candy can also improve the flow of saliva.

Invest in cosmetic dentistry

In case you have some teeth issues that can’t be fixed with maintenance and at-home treatments, you can book an appointment with a cosmetic dentist and get a few touch-ups. The right expert can do everything from tooth repair to bite correction and give you the best smile of your dreams.

See your dentist regularly

Keeping up with any type of doctor’s appointment is not easy (we usually avoid doctors as long as we can) but seeing your dentist is truly crucial for teeth health. Make an appointment at least every 6 months to make sure there are no cavities and to perform a nice deep cleaning treatment of your teeth. These procedures are painless and quick, especially if you don’t allow any issues to become hard to solve. When booking your appointment, make sure to pick a dentist with a good reputation and plenty of experience.

Teeth are just one of many small details on our faces, but they certainly leave a huge impression. So make sure your sparkly white teeth leave just the right impression and make you proud and happy to smile.

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