Various Ways to Save Money on Dental Implants


Dental Implants and Their Cost

Dental implants are an effective, natural-looking solution to replace missing teeth. They look and feel like your own teeth, improve your speech and eating, and are long-lasting and durable. However, all these benefits come with a high price tag, which is often not affordable for many patients.

Fortunately, there are many ways that you can save money on dental implants and get quality same day teeth in Midlands.

Get Quotes and Compare

Shopping around different dental clinics as well as Periodontists and oral surgeons can help you find a better rate for getting dental implants. When asking for quotes, make sure they include the cost of all consultations, imaging, and tests, anaesthesia, materials, and surgical costs.

However, be aware that many dentists will not be able to give you a quote without first examining your mouth. Initial consults are often free, but you can begin your research by checking websites for pricing.

Consult with Dentists in Smaller Towns

The cost of dental implants can depend on your geographic location with dental surgeries in large cities often costing more than rural dentists. Consulting with a dentist in rural areas close to you can be a great way to keep the cost of dental implants low without sacrificing the quality of your dental work.

Take a Dental Tour

Dental tourism is fast becoming a popular option for people looking for affordable dental implants. Many other countries, especially developing countries, offer dental implant procedures for a fraction of the cost.

However, while these surgeons may be highly experienced and qualified, licensing regulations differ from country to country. If you choose to try dental tourism, thoroughly research your dentist’s reputation and credentials.

Opt for a Program at Schools or Dental Institutes

Graduate students at dental schools require live patients to practice on to gain experience in a range of surgical techniques. Students are supervised closely by experienced dental surgeons. Some schools may only offer this option to low-income patients, and there is often a long waitlist for student surgeries, but it can save you thousands of dollars if you are eligible.

Discounted Care at Non-Profit Charitable Organisations

Several charitable organisations in the UK that offer free or subsidised dental work to patients in low-income brackets or patients who are members of specific disenfranchised demographics.

Go For a Finance Plan

Applying for finance through a loan company can be a good option for many people and a more affordable way to get implants rather than putting the cost on your credit card. If you have a good credit rating and are approved for the loan, you can simply pay for the procedure upfront (which often incurs a discount) then pay back the loan and associated fees in monthly installments.

Membership Plans

Dental plans operate in a similar way to insurance where customers pay a monthly or annual fee to receive significant discounts on dental work. Most plans only allow you to use affiliated dentists and may only cover select procedures. Always make sure that you carefully read which procedures are covered before committing to a dental plan.

Find Out the Alternatives

In some cases, it may not be necessary to get dental implants. There are many alternatives to dental implants that are more affordable to replace missing teeth. Dentures and bridges are viable options for replacing missing teeth, especially if the remaining teeth are healthy. While they will not last as long as dental implants and do not support the remaining bone structure, dentures and bridges can help you regain normal tooth function and improve your appearance.

Dental Insurance

Many insurance policies do not cover dental implants as they are considered non-emergency cosmetic dentistry; however, you may be able to get coverage by opting for extras cover at a higher premium. Some policies may offer coverage for part of the cost of the procedure is deemed necessary to your oral health.

Talk to your insurance provider about which procedures are covered under your current policy and what your options are. Be aware that you may have a waiting period before you can claim back any money from your insurer.

If you are searching for a new provider or insurance plan, shop around as some providers may specialize in dental coverage or offer stand-alone dental insurance.

Start a Fundraising Campaign

As a last resort, you may consider starting a fundraising campaign to raise all or part of the funds needed to cover the cost of dental implant surgery. Several websites offer personal crowdfunding services, and you may be surprised how many people are willing to help you.

Be honest about your situation and carefully explain how dental implants can improve your life, but never pressure anyone into donating money, especially family and friends.