Blockchain Technology’s Impact On Digital Marketing


Digital marketing forms a central and important portion for any business especially one looking for New York Local SEO. In order to succeed in today’s world, you need to know how to advertise effectively on different online platforms, which include social media. The experts have predicted that there will be a number of changes that are about to occur within the digital marketing industry. One of the more recent advancements is known as Blockchain, which will change the way in which digital marketing and New York Local SEO will operate across all the different platforms.

What You Need To Know About Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has started to spread across a host of different industries, which includes the realm of digital marketing. It has begun to revolutionize marketing relationships between consumers and businesses. The design of Blockchain is focused on increasing transparency when it comes to every aspect of a business as it is able to retain information digitally. This means no one can delete or change the information. Companies will now be able to view exactly how their funds are used and whether intended audiences are receiving them.

The Changes In Data Privacy Along With The Way Consumer Information Will Be Collected

One large change that has been predicted when it comes to digital marketing that accompanied blockchain technology will be how the data of consumers is shared. Privacy has become such a big issue for all the online sectors, with Facebook recently landing itself in yet another conflict due to a lack of privacy for its users.

This problem extends further than just Facebook as websites collect information about the different consumers automatically. New York Local SEO companies and other businesses develop a profile on every person, according to the sites that they visit, the products they buy, the searches they make, along with many other things. The public need to know that the majority of what goes on online is actually not private.

Blockchain technology has the ability to change this in its ability the decentralize the internet. What this means is when either using one of the applications or visiting websites, these companies will no longer have access to your personal data, meaning this information will remain with you. Blockchain technology offers a way to protect all your personal info, which means users now decide the data they would like to share, rather than losing control over the data that is released. This latest technology will now mean that companies will have to find another way to collect information on consumers. This means they will no longer automatically receive this data, but rather they will need to wait for data from consumers themselves.

Changes In The Style And Frequency Of Digital Advertisements

Digital marketing is still in the stages of development. It is common that one of the frustrating problems for many consumers is an overload of advertisements. Opposed to sending just a few advertisements that are intentional, many companies make the mistake of overwhelming the users by sending many advertisements at once. Some of the experts have attributed this tendency to a lack of knowledge and an understanding that many companies have about these audiences.

They make a decision to send out many ads at once in the hope that maybe one may appeal to a user.  In many cases, online advertisements are just an annoyance to consumers. Ads that constantly pop-up when opening a page that takes up the screen are frustrating and intrusive. In addition to being annoying, the larger digital ads take up bandwidth and deplete the battery on mobile devices. The Blockchain-powered software known as BAT (Basic Attention Token) is focused on changing the way the publishers, advertisers and the users interact.

The use of BAT when it comes to digital advertising will involve 3 steps:

  1. The advertisers will buy the ads on the Brave platform which holds BAT.
  2. The users then decide which of the ads they would like to see, rather than having to deal with overloads of uninteresting and irrelevant advertising. If the user makes the decision to see an advertisement, they will then be paid a percentage according to what an advertiser paid in order to purchase these ads.
  3. In addition to consumers now receiving some form of compensation from BAT, they will also pay the publishers a percentage. Payments that are allotted to the publishers will be bigger than what is allotted to the consumers.

In the way of utilizing blockchain technology in BAT, digital marketing becomes more personalized. Users will also no longer need to deal with an overload of ads, which they have no interest in. Blockchain also allows the users to obtain personalized ads, without the risk of losing privacy in the way of their personal info to applications and companies.

Changes Dedicated To Digital Music Ownership And Marketing

Marketing for the musicians has always been difficult and complicated. Piracy was a major problem in the early part of the 2000s in an era where digital music started to grow in popularity. Today, many people are using applications like iTunes, Tidal, and Spotify to stream their music. Even though many of these platforms have cut back significantly on piracy, they still put the musicians in a poor situation.

The original artists only receive a very small percentage of these transactions, which equates to under a penny, every time her or his music or song is played.  People within the music industries have initiated projects which use blockchain, which is focused on eliminating the needs for intermediary platforms and applications like iTunes and Spotify. One of these projects is known as Tao, is based on an idea where the bands or musician will sell their crypto tokens to fans directly. The consumers are able to purchase merchandise, live shows and music in exchange for a token or tokens. The bands are also able to institute time limits on these tokens using a blockchain feature, which will determine when these tokens are not valid any longer.

This offers a way for musicians to market in a direct manner with their fans, using a blockchain system, like the one that Tao imagines. This could offer a way to prevent losing money to the intermediaries, meaning the musicians get paid fairly, and a way to control their own way of digital marketing. There are no other industries that are considering the idea of a credit or token system between consumers and advertisers.

More Reliable And Fewer Influencers

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Many influencers run profiles and accounts, with followers in large numbers across the internet, more specifically on the different social media platforms. There are a host of companies that capitalize on these influencers in the way of having these people promote their own brands and services on their own personal accounts. The involvement of influencers may be one of the more effective marketing tools, yet it can result in issues when paired with an incorrect influencer. Some of the social media celebrities have bots in large numbers like followers, which gives the impression that the person is hugely popular, which means only a small percentage of the followers are actually real people.

When partnering with such an influence that has a large bot following, it can be an ineffective tool for the companies that are in the stages of trying to grow their brands. Blockchain technology offers these companies with an ability to gauge whether the influencer has bots or real people as followers. This is a feature that will minimize the influencer numbers by eliminating ones that do not have real followings and leaving behind the ones that will offer the best impact on larger groups of real people. The companies that decide to partner with an influencer will now feel more confident about this relationship which will have a positive impact when it comes to their overall success.

An Increase In Accountability For The Publishers

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Before blockchain technology, the advertisers were offered with minimal details on how the publishers used their ads. Advertisement fraud and the costly expenses of having these advertisements published has made transparency essential. The transparency offered with blockchain allows advertisers the ability to see exactly who sees these ads, to ensure the ads are marketed to real people and not bots.

The Future For Blockchain Technology

The significance and impact associated with blockchain technology at this stage remain unknown. The industry experts have made predictions on how this technology may affect digital-marketing, yet it will still be some time before it is able to truly penetrate the New York Local SEO experts and the digital marketing world.

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