How to Get More Views on YouTube Channel?


Now a day’s people are shifting to YouTube and therefore YouTube video creators are also increasing day by day. Everyone needs more views and subscribers on their channel, right? People like YouTube. A lot.

But how to get more views on a YouTube channel?

It’s a very common question among all YouTube channel owners and that’s why here we are sharing the points using these you will get the answer to how to get more views on YouTube Videos.

Secret Technique: Try to create a video that has maximum views in your niche and creates bigger and better videos that can increase the video’s expected watch time. If your video gets a higher expected watch time then YouTube will start showing your video in the suggested video section and by this, your video will start getting more views automatically. As mentioned in Deep Neural Networks for YouTube Recommendations research paper.

First 15 Second: Give the information which can hold your viewer till the last of because if your viewer sticks to your video for more than 15 seconds then that will definitely increase your video expected watch time and chances of getting an entry in the suggested section will be higher.

Video Content: If you provide any value to your viewer then the chances of getting more views on YouTube will be higher, If you check any successful full channel on youtube they either provide education to the viewer or they are providing entertainment to the viewer.

Videos Tags: Tags should be relevant and proper according to your video content. There are some free and paid tools available so that you can check the tags which your competitor has used. 

Influencers to Promote Your Video: You can contact the YouTuber who has more views than your channel and ask them to promote your channel or video. You can also create one video together can promote the same video on each other’s channels by doing this many new viewers will come to know about your channel and you will start getting more views and YouTube Subscriber

Giveaways: For getting more views you can start giveaways on your channel on a specific day or on festival time, many YouTubers do the same and get the highest views on the channel. Giveaways can be a book, a voucher, or movie tickets, etc. This can be a game changer if you can use this.

Guest Interviews: If you have good contacts or network with any celebrity or a known person like a business person or sportsperson (as per your category niche). Conduct question and answer series or any live doubt-clearing session which can be helpful for your viewers to solve their issues or give them a chance to know better their favorite celebrities then you will start getting more new viewers on your YouTube channel.

You can also ask your viewers to use specific hashtags using your channel name so that your channel name will become viral after some time. 

Paid Promotions: If you have some budget for marketing & branding purposes then you can also start Paid YouTuber channel promotions using Google ad words. This method is a very fast and effective method to get more views or subscribers on YouTube channels.

Suggestions from Viewers: If you are not creating any specific niche category videos then you can ask your viewers to give some new suggestions and ideas on which they want to see the videos so that your viewers will get engage with you and your channel. You can also ask them to share your videos on their social media and WhatsApp group by doing this your channel will start getting more views on YouTube channel.

Create a playlist: If you are creating any series of videos like How to do exports or Imports then there should be two separate playlists so that for your viewers it will be easy to follow.

Optimize your Thumbnail image: Thumbnail plays an important role in getting more views, it should be simple and attractive and relevant to your video. There are many tools available for creating custom Thumbnails. 

Some other important technical details include:

It must be .jpeg, .gif, .bmp, or .png image formats.

Your image file must be under the 2MB limit.


Create a Transcript for your videos: It is not a compulsory step. However, closed captions can generate more views on your channel if any new viewers cannot understand your language and it will also be helpful for the audiences who cannot listen.

Reference to Another Video: You should take your viewers to your old videos by giving them reference links in the “I” button or by giving them links in the description area so that you can get more views. 

Use Professional Tools: We suggest you use YouTube buddy tool which has almost all the features available which are required for your channel optimization like keyword research, keyword rank tracking, youtube analytics, suggested Tags, opportunity finder and more. 

YouTube video Title & Description: Before adding any random Title to your YouTube video Title, do some research. Search on YouTube and check the maximum viewed video Title & for the description, we suggest that your description should be at least 200 words. Use synonym keywords throughout your description. And don’t use the keyword stuffing method in the YouTube description.


Add Call to Action: This will help you grow your audience and send positive engagement signals to YouTube. Ask your viewers to like and subscribe to your channel & you can also add subscribe image in your video bottom so that viewers will get the signal.

Create End Screens: Elements are the pieces of content that you add to your end screen. There are many ways to customize the elements in your end screen. You can apply templates, add new elements, edit individual elements, change the timing of your elements, and decide where elements should appear on your video. Source

Youtube End Screens

Video Uploading Frequency: The main reason why subscribers subscribe to your channel is that they want good or the same content in regular time intervals and so you have to fix your strategy when you will post new content on your channel. Consistency is the key to success and you have to be consistent on your channel. In order to keep your viewer interested in, you should give them a rough idea of when they can expect new content.

Video Length: If you check the top viewed videos, you will come to know that they all are short in length. Advisable length is less is 3 minutes not more than that. Try to cover up your video in this time period that will help you in getting a higher expected watch time. Source


In the end, I hope all these will help you in getting more views on the YouTube channel. Kindly do let me know your feedback and if I missed anything let me know in the comment section.

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