[Infographic] What is Outbound Marketing?


Inbound marketing created a tremendous buzz across the industry spectrum. It has become so popular that many entrepreneurs have started to believe that outbound marketing is dead and have abandoned the process altogether. While inbound marketing has its strengths, there is still a place for outbound marketing. 

Inbound marketing focuses on publishing quality content that is relevant to customers to attract traffic to the company and product naturally. In other words, inbound marketing helps people find the businesses they are searching for. On the other hand, outbound marketing seeks to make known to potential customers the availability of products and through a variety of advertisement strategies. Outbound marketing tries to generate interest in a set of services or products by reaching people where they are.

Inbound marketing is passive; waiting for people to search for something.  Outbound marketing is proactive; bringing a message to people, even if they have not searched for it.

Many Businesses and marketers completely switched to inbound marketing as plenty of customers these days have a short attention span, and maybe even despise being barraged with irrelevant and obtrusive ads. Most people are not willing to sit through a traditional sales pitch anymore, and many have come up with ways to avoid it. In addition, inbound marketing is a less expensive approach than outbound. But outbound marketing can get your message to people who otherwise would not have been looking for your business.

Don’t write off outbound marketing yet! Find out if Outbound Marketing is the right fit for your business as this infographic by Landau Consulting shows everything you need to know about it.


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