So, you have amazing products, website designing and advertising campaigns. Visitors come to your page and see the categories and products. Then they left your site without ordering any product. Most of the eCommerce site owner have this kind of issue.

The ultimate decision of buying a product depends on the first impression on visitors mind. So, you should provide a good reason to the customer to buy a product on your site. How you make an effect on customers mind by adding the latest features on the product page is an important thing.

Here, I’m sharing some experimented strategies which will definitely improve your product page. These checklists help you to increase your conversion rate. Features of product page depend on the type of product page that you sell.

High-Quality Images

In eCommerce business, the customer doesn’t have the opportunity to touch the product. The high quality of the product is very important. They also need that how your product works. So, try to tell your product details and story through images.

Allow your customer to imagine themselves as interacting with the product. Clear visualization of the product reduces the anxiety of buying the wrong product in customer’s mind. Highlight the unique features of the product through product images.

Allow viewers to zoom product image to look over every inch. I must suggest that invest in product photography. If the visitor will understand your product then they are more likely to buy your product.

Custom Options Feature

Custom option feature makes good options for customers needs. Showing the only image for the product may not encourage the customer to buy your product. If you show images for different color rather than showing just the name of color makes an effect on customers mind.

custom options feature

Make you customer wow by showing images as per their custom selection. By providing custom options your customer gets exact idea about how the product looks in different custom options and they decide easily which suits best on them.

In the above image, you can see there are custom options for selecting the color of the diamond. Customer will know that in each color how the ring looks. Adding custom options as per your requirement is easy because of extensions. There are so many extensions are available for various platforms.

Provide Custom Price Calculator

Nowadays customer wants customization everywhere. If you provide prices as per customization of the customer then it effects on purchase decision of the customer. Customer knows that they have to pay for size or dimension or quantity they need for their product.

custom price calculator

There are so many dynamic price calculator available for the different platform of eCommerce. Through this extensions, you can easily handle dynamic prices for your store. You can add discounts on specific product size or dimension.

You can serve the product as per measurements entered by the user. Serve your customer with their measurement by custom price calculator. This is more likely to encourage your customer to make a decision of purchase. Effect of custom price calculator on your conversion rate.

Mobile responsive

Why mobile responsive because you have to go where your audience is. Mobile & tablet users are increasing day by day. So, if you want to reach your customers through mobiles then you must have a mobile responsive site.

As you know many famous eCommerce companies having a mobile application for the store. To stand in this competition you must need mobile responsive sites. As per the surveys, the user is increasing who like to buy from mobile rather than desktop and this is nothing new.

If you are running social media campaigns for your store, then most of the traffic comes from the mobile devices. Getting huge traffic doesn’t increase your conversion rate if you don’t have a mobile responsive site and landing page.

Integrate social proof

In the era of social media, you must need to add social testimonials and social presence on your page. It might be clients reviews or opinions or photographs with your products. You can embed your happy client’s reviews, tweets, Instagram photos, Facebook post shared by your client.

social proof

People tend to search on social media for your product so you have to show your presence on social channels. You can run social campaigns which will help you to drive more traffic. So, social media is also a way to increase conversion rate.

Social proofs add value to your website. It brings trust of the customer on your site. People always check the proofs related to your product before making a decision to purchase from your store. Also, don’t forget to make easy for the customer to contact you.

Add Security badges

You might hear about cyber crimes on the internet and due to this people cannot trust anyone easily. Nowadays problem with new technologies and the internet is, there is more vulnerability raised.

security badges

Customers become more cautious in providing personal details.  Even you have the amazing design of the website and product, you can’t sell to a customer because in the online world no one can trust you easily.

Security badges ensure visitors that they on trusted site. They feel secure to enter their personal and bank details. To increase brand value, the trust of the customer is most important thing. Big eCommerce site like Amazon, people are already trust on it but as a startup or small site, you must add verified security badges in your site.

In conclusion

Above all are the latest points to optimize your product page. You don’t increase conversion rate by only optimizing website design but there are lots of other factors which affects on conversion rate. Your page will not only look better but it should be better to address the visitor who comes on your page. I hope you enjoy this article.

Encouraging customer to buy your product and open their wallet is a challenging task. Converting visitor into your customer takes lots of efforts.  From the above tactics, you will able to stand to your competitors. I hope the above points will help you to add value to your landing page. If you like this article then show me your love by sharing this article. I also like to answer your comments so post your reviews in the comment section.

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