Promotional Video Guide to Perform Youtube Marketing


With more than 3.25 billion hours of videos watched every month, Youtube has now become the second most popular search engine in the world. As such, in the world of marketing Youtube is now considered as the most effective tool especially for the promotional videos. Setting up a Youtube channel, optimizing and editing the promotional Youtube videos has now become very essential for every company.

Even many people found the best way to earn money through Youtube channel with the promotion of their talent. It is found that as many as Free Youtube Subscribers you get for Youtube channel that much success of your marketing campaign you get. As such in this article, we have come up with step by step promotional video guide that you need to perform for Youtube marketing.

  • Creating an account in Youtube channel:

The first thing that you need to do in YouTube marketing is to create an account on the Youtube channel. Since Youtube is now owned by Google you can sign up the Youtube channel if you have a Google account. Create an account with the details of your business and the name of your channel must be the same as your business or brand name.

  • Know your target audience:

Once you create your account you can get access to the Analytical tab where you can check the various behavior of the audience as well as the quantitative insight of your Youtube channel. In this tab, you can check view count and minutes, interaction rate, revenues generated, average watch time of the Youtube video, etc.

Apart from the Analytical tab, you can also get access to the Demographic tab whereby you check the geographical location where the audience has watched your Youtube videos, the time when the audience have viewed those videos, the age, and gender of the viewers, etc. This will certainly help you to create a video as per the target audience and influence them to make your Free Subscriber.

  • Research the competition level in the market:

It is also necessary to take a competitive analysis of what your competitor is doing if you want to stay ahead of the other’s business. You can check which Youtube video of your competitor does the audience mostly viewed. This analysis will give you a better understanding of what kind of video the audience likes and what they dislike. You should also check the comments that the viewer put on your competitor’s Youtube channel. Then you can roll up your sleeves and provide only that which your audience likes. 

  • Optimize your Youtube videos for SEO:

It is then necessary to optimize your Youtube videos for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that whenever the audience searches the related video they can easily get your video. For this, it is very important that you choose a right title with a proper keyword in it, make an interesting thumbnail, providing a compelling video description, adding hashtags in the description, etc. This is very helpful to reach up to more audience and to gain more Free Subscribers.

  • Uploading and scheduling the video:

Now that your channel is set and you can now start uploading your Youtube video. You can also schedule your videos and make your customer know when they will get new videos on your Youtube channel. But remember if you promise the customer that you will come up with a new video at a specific date or time then you should not miss that date and time. If you are not professional and miss to come up with new videos on your specific date and time you may lose the trust of your subscriber. So, always be careful while promising.

  • Promote your Youtube videos with advertising:

You can certainly promote your Youtube videos with YouTube advertising. Generally, there are six types of Youtube ads such as skippable video ads, non-skippable video ads, bumper ads, overlays ads, display ads, and sponsored cards. You can select a type of ads as well as when and where you want to display this ad or example if you are advertising for sports shoes then you can select sports videos and your ad will be displayed only on sports videos.      

  • Working with an Influencer:

The best way with the help of which you can showcase your product is working with an influencer. As per research, it is found that almost 60 percent of Free Youtube subscriber subscribes the Youtube channel on the basis of the opinion of the influencer.  So, it is also important to approach the right influencer.

  • Analyze and adapt your Youtube:

Once you have built your Youtube channel, publish your Youtube channel, partner with influencer it is necessary to adapt and analyze the Youtube channel. It is necessary to monitor your Youtube channel from time to time.

These are some important strategies that you should follow while doing Youtube marketing. Whenever you publish a new video you should check the Analytic tab of your Youtube channel to find out the changing demographic audience as well as changes that take place in subscriber account. This will help you to analyze whether you are being able to satisfy your audience or not.                

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