Tips for Guest Bloggers to Create Guest Post and Posting Strategy


Guest post is inevitably the way forward if you want the bloggers and communities to take notice of you and become a brand among them. Whether you are a budding writer or an established one exploring the online platform, take to guest post services for sure shot results. The starting can be a little tricky if you are not sure where to begin to becoming the best guest blogger. For one, guest posting when done properly can lead to a number of avenues, but it can also be such a huge waste of time if it didn’t in the right way.

If you get one successful blog don’t get tempted to sit on it for a while. Guest blogging services have to follow a strategy from the beginning to the end to gain its benefits. One post cannot bring in all the traffic you ever need. But when one step is taken at a time when you can turn guest posting service around to your requirement.

Read on these tips if you want to guest post successfully and go all the way.

  • Get your blog ready:

Guest posting begins with the idea of writing as well as driving traffic to your own blog or website. So firstly, get the blog ready with nice and unique content. Your blog needs to be uncluttered for readers to find everything there is to read. You will also need a box for subscription signups, place to leave comments, and free offers for your readers. Creating a landing page is a good idea before sending the readers directly to your blog page. If you are planning to sell an e-course or some kind of consulting through this blog or website you will have to wait a while for the visitors to trust you. Guest posting packages on smaller sites can help you prepare for the bigger sites. It will give you an idea of how to work with an editor and deal with reader’s comments etc.

  • Prepare to pitch yourself:

You can always apply to a prominent blog owner with your previous articles and samples for an opportunity to write on their platform. Alternatively, ensure that your blogs are spread all over the internet so that somewhere a blogger notices you and invites you to write in his or her blog site. If you are specifically interested in writing for a particular blog then check out their popular posts and write a query letter. Any blogger worth his while will target the social media for popularizing the blog content. You can target them on Twitter or Facebook and invite them to read a well-written blog. If they write your content then certainly you will get the chance to write guest posts for their blog sites.

  • Writing the post:

The post has to be written with utmost care and authenticity even if you are getting paid for it. Your by-line will be published at the end of work and so you have to take ownership of the concept and content. So, give it your best shot. Whether it is the introductory article or a regular one, quality, concept, and authenticity are extremely important. The word count also matters in this case because any prominent blog will ask for at least 1000 words for an article. Some bloggers also allow the content of minimum 500 words. Therefore, you will have to search and dig up enough matter to make justice to the guest posting to make it lengthy as per the requirement of the blogger. The right approach to the blog is extremely important. Ensure that the content submitted is relevant to the topics being published in the site. Nothing can be more unpleasant than an unconnected content.

Also, don’t forget to go through the guidelines created by the website owner for potential guest post writers. Articles often get rejected because they do not stick to the mentioned guidelines. Keep an eye on things like word count, formatting preferences, media size, preferred document submission, and link placement and submission policies.

Submitting the article is your part of the hard work and now comes the wait. Not all websites will put up your work in five minutes. Some may take days of patience wait. Once the post has been published make sure that you answer queries pertaining to your guest post. This will keep the readers and the blog owner enthusiastic about your posts.

Even when you are happy about the posts getting published you should be thinking about the next topic. Guest posting is more of building a relationship with the blog owner and the online communities who are looking forward to your next post. Good posts ensure that the traffic keeps coming in.

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