What is Guest Blogging and How Does It Affect Your SEO Results?


Every once in a while, Google, the search engine behemoth, releases new updates and stirs the entire marketer’s community all across the globe. Things do not work the way marketers desire, and the spotlight is shifted back to the end-users. However, if there is something that hasn’t changed over the years is “value.” Google prioritizes value among all and sheds something that does not contribute anything. 

This has been beneficial for bloggers who know and understand what their audience wants. This, thus, has resulted in search engines to prioritize guest blogging (more about it in a minute) sites, which can be helpful in getting much-desired SEO results. 

So what exactly is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging (also known as ‘Guest Posting”) is a piece of content that visitors write for another website in a similar niche and domain. The methodology is a massive success for individuals who want to build a personal brand and hence could not be ignored at all costs. 

Other major benefits of guest blogging include 

  • Create backlinks – attract more visitors to your site.
  • Boosting domain authority using backlinks from higher domain authority websites. 
  • Establish a personal brand and connect with experts in the same industry. 
  • Bringing brand credibility

Thus makes guest blogging a two-way street in which you create value to get value. In simpler terms, by posting content on other’s websites, you allow the opportunity for them to post their content on your website. 

What makes Guest Blogging Important for My Business?

Guest blogging is always about value creation, and hence, for someone starting out in his respective industry, guest blogging is the thing. One gets to share his/ her expertise to a completely new audience and build relations with key stakeholders in the company or industry. 

On the other hand, guest blogging helps individuals and companies alike in establishing authority. Furthermore, one gets to expand the horizons in terms of readership. Your guest post may get viral without you being realized and enable millions to tap you on to your resources. 

One may fall trap of the infamous tunnel view from the SEO consultant, and hence fresh content from other companies could be energizing and offer your audience some fresh perspective and keep them hooked.

One can also refer to guest blogging sites as well. These sites provide guest blogging capabilities to companies and, in return, get posts for their sites. Often these sites get an opportunity to earn from Google AdSense from other’s content. It is a win-win situation for both parties. 

So What Else Do I Need To Know About Guest Blogging?

The number one thing that plays a vital role in guest blogging or SEO as a fact is the quality of content. Unless and until it does not provide something around value, your webpage won’t matter. Hence as long as you are delivering value to the guest blogging website, everything else is unfruitful. 

However, a lot of many websites have popped up in the recent past that provide guest blogging services at a premium. However, with time these websites lose their domain authority, thus, turning them futile. However, digital marketers have echoed similar sentiments and hence have blocked many individuals or companies from sharing their work on high authority websites altogether. 

So as long as your audience finds it interesting, your site would rank high on the list. Google’s algorithm sees it in two ways. They are as follow:

  1. The number of backlinks – The higher the number of people who find your content relevant, the higher number of people who will link it on the web. Make sure you cover all the key aspects so that nothing is left behind and you get as many followers or backlinks for your content. This will boost your website high on the rank page. 
  2. The number of likes, shares, and comments – The next most vital element, according to the SEO consultant, that your website considers is the number of impressions and the number of actions (likes, shares, and comments) your website gets. This shows that your website is worthy as a greater share of people engage with it. 

However, the algorithm can also be fooled around with fake actions, backlinks, and other steps despite being a black hat practice. 

The Anatomy of a High-Quality Guest Blog

Now that you have understood the importance of a high-quality guest blog, it is imperative to acknowledge the traits of a high-quality guest blog. 

The single idea about writing a post is valuable. Yes, provide as much value as you can. Whether it an infographic or a blog post, there is always a way to interact and tell your story. However, make sure that your content isn’t an advertisement. It should adhere to inbound marketing rules, and hence whatever content you provide should revolve around your end-user and provide value. 

Some of the key aspects to take care of are as following:

  • Make sure to write a clear and concise author bio. A lot many companies do not allow backlinking for one reason or another. In such a scenario, your author bio is the only way to know about your company. 
  • Ensure that at least one link refers back to your write-up. 
  • Add call to action at the very end of the guest post. Remember, the better number of views or clicks your website gets, the better you rank. 
  • Also, spread the word out with your social media handles. 


Guest posts are a great way to rank high on the search engine’s result page. However, if misused with black hat practices, it may lead to suspension of your website as well. Hence one must tread carefully. 

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