5 Great DIY Trends That Will Shape Your Home In 2019


The New Year brings with it a desire to start afresh with new goals, ambitions and indeed, modern aesthetics for your home. Unfortunately, updating your home can be expensive, but luckily some great DIY trends will help you bring your home into 2019 a little easier. Take a look at these five DIY trends which are sure to keep your home looking fresh and current this year.

1. DIY Storage Solutions

The KonMari method has taken the world by storm following the release of her Netflix series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo“. The show has brought the minimalist lifestyle and the joy of organization to the mainstream and is set to be the most significant décor trend of 2019. This year, many people will be adopting the tidying technique by ensuring that every item either has a function or “sparks joy“. Gone are the days of hoarding various souvenirs and unnecessary ornaments. In its place, expect to see greater use of vertical space, more precision in how items are displayed, clean lines, and ultimately, less stuff.

To embrace this trend, focus on eliminating any aspects in your home that don’t make you feel happy. The bright branding of household products can be overstimulating and create a kind of visual clutter. Instead, decant household products into sleek bottles and jars. Organize the messiest parts of your house by getting a little creative. Use plastic baskets to create pull out draws for under the sink and re-purpose unused boxes to help you organize your wardrobe. Even old spice containers can be repurposed to keep small items like stationery and toiletries.

2. Sustainable Décor

Sustainable décor has been a growing trend over the past few years and shows no sign of slowing down. This trend focuses on environmentally responsible design by incorporating sustainable materials, upcycling, and zeroing in on energy efficiency to create a warm and inviting home.

Energy consumption from non-renewable resources has a significant impact on the environment. To embrace sustainability, opt to adjust your décor to help minimize your energy use. If you live in a warmer climate, opt for bamboo flooring and light colors to naturally cool your home. If you live in a cold environment, make use of carpets, rugs, and warmly colored walls to insulate your house.

Upcycling is a popular DIY trend, which also happens to be environmentally friendly. Refurbishing vintage furniture is a great and affordable way to bring unique character into a space. All it takes is a little bit of sanding, paint, and glaze. Is the antique aesthetic not really your style? Repurpose your old furniture to fit your sleek and modern home. A vintage school desk makes a great industrial side table, andan old dressing table can be a teenager’s desk with a new coat of paint – the possibilities are endless!

3. Earthly Inspiration

In our technologically dominated world, this year will see more people embracing natural elements in their homes. The easiest way to embrace biophilic design, or to incorporate natural elements into built-up spaces, is to add strategically placed mirrors to your home. This addition encourages natural light by reflecting off the mirror – making your home seem brighter. Incorporating plants and living walls indoors is another trend, which is sure to pick up in popularity in 2019.

If you don’t enjoy the upkeep that indoor plants require, incorporating non-living natural objects into your décor is a beautiful way to embrace this trend. DIY driftwood projects add rustic detailing in any home. The diverse material can be fashioned into functional items like a wall key holder or quirky shelf, or into purely aesthetic items like a chandelier and other non-functional ornaments. It’s these intricate details that will make your home feel more peaceful and in touch with nature.

4. Quirky Detailing

Idiosyncratic detailing, which you love, is set to remain popular in 2019. A sprinkling of unusual details is a fantastic way to inject personality into your home. Swap out your conventional doorknobs and drawer handles for unique or vintage finds and add a pop of color to your bathroom by filling soap dispensers with glass gems and faux flowers. Update a rug or bits of furniture using sustainable rope or twine to give your home a rustic feel while staying on trend.

If you’re looking for something subtler, try a feature wall. Adding a feature wall creates a focal point in the room, adds depth, and makes an excellent backdrop for framed photos or a statement piece. Don’t limit yourself to merely painting one wall a different color. Make a statement by creating a DIY stencil, painting a mural or using quirky wallpaper. The key to this trend is not to go overboard – clutter is out in 2019, so be sure to keep these details sparse and subtle.

5. Washi Tape

Previously confined to dormitory rooms, in 2019 this colorful paper tape from Japan will be making geometric waves in more homes. Keeping in line with 2019’s trend towards contemporary minimalism with a post-modern flair, the addition of washi tape is a fantastic way to update your home with trendy upcycled items and splashes of color.

Washi Tape adds color to any surface with minimal commitment, as it is easily removable and leaves no marks or residue. Some DIY ideas include creating sophisticated wall decals, adding character to a feature wall or door, using the tape in place of photo frames and decorating old items instead of using paint. 

Washi Tape is particularly useful when updating children’s rooms. Children’s preferences and favorites are forever changing, and Washi Tape allows you to adapt to your child’s evolving opinions in a cost and time effective manner. Think of it as temporary wallpaper – just be sure to clean your walls before application to ensure that your work stays up for as long as you want it to.

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