Try This DIY Chandelier and Light Fixtures to Upgrade Your Space


An entire room makeover can be pretty costly, but there’s a fast and cheap way to add flair and ambiance to a room and that’s by updating your light fixtures. But what if you still have little budget for new fixtures?

Let’s be real, light fixtures can get pricey! But don’t you worry, we’re here to help you with these light fixture makeovers to get a new look that will fit everyone’s budget.

#1 Put Some Beads on It! (Wooden Bead Chandelier)

A great DIY you can do is a wooden bead chandelier that everyone has fallen in love with. This is a clever and cost-effective way to update existing light fixtures.

What you’ll be needing:

  • Thin gauge wire
  • Wood glue and super glue
  • Electrical tape
  • Scissors
  • Quilting thread and needle
  • 10-inch quilting hoop and 2 pieces of 3-inch quilting hoops
  • Wood beads (depending upon the size of your chandelier)
  • Mini pendant light kit

1. For the top of the chandelier, grab a 3-inch and 10-inch hoop. Since you’ll be working only with the inner hoops, you need to remove the outer hoops first. Thread your quilting need with quilting thread, guiding you to double up and knot it at the end. Loop the thread over the 3-inch hoop and string your beads onto the thread.

2. Tie the end of your strand to the 10-inch hoop with a double or triple knot. Make sure you are not allowing the strands to cross over each other. Then just repeat until the top of your chandelier is as full as you want. Get rid of any excess thread.

3. For the bottom of your chandelier, grab your second 3-inch hoop and remove the outer hoop. Then just repeat the quilting and looping process just as you did above. String the beads onto your thread using 1 small and 1 large bead and repeat the pattern a total of 5 times.

4. Tie the end of your strand to the same 10-inch quilting hoop with a double or triple knot. Take note that the 10-inch will sit above the bottom of the chandelier. Make sure again that you don’t allow your strands to cross over each other. You can add as many strands as you like.

5. Once you are done, add a drop of super glue to each to make sure that your knots do not come loose. Grab your outer hoops and paint some wood glue along the inside of each one. Then place them over the inner loops, securing and tightening them into place.

6. Wait for the glue to dry then remove the screw from each of the outer hoops. Remove the part of the hardware that sticks out with cutting snips. Lastly, attach the pendant light.

#2 Illuminate Your Space (Geometric Pendant Lamp)

You can save money on those pricey high-end home decor store pendant lights and make your own with this DIY. It’s easy to customize your size and shape to create this lovely illuminated accent piece for your space.

What you’ll be needing:

  • Wire and wire cutter
  • Pipe cutter
  • Thin brass pipe (you can get this at craft stores)
  • Hanging light kit
Vintage ceiling light lamp

1. First thing you need to do is to layout and design your light. We suggest that you opt for a pentagon shape. This design will be needing one very short piece, 2 smaller pieces, a medium-sized piece, and a bigger piece. Don’t forget to mark out the cuts on your pipe.

2. Using a pipe cutter, cut the brass pipes into 5 pieces each in different sizes. On a large flat surface, try to lay out the pattern. Make a small pentagon to start at the bottom with a larger pentagon in the midsection and the smallest pentagon at the top.

3. To put together the bottom pentagon, use a wire for it. One-piece should be threaded through all 5 pieces then twist to connect the pentagon back together. Then cut off the ends of the wire. Just repeat this step with the larger and smaller pentagons that will make up your tiers.

4. You need another piece of long wire and wrap it around one of the corners of the bottom pentagon. Twist the pieces together and thread on one of the smaller midsection pieces. After that, thread the wire around the middle pentagon then thread on the longest piece. Thread the wire around the smallest pentagon that will be at the top.

5. After wrapping around the corner of the top pentagon, cut the end of the wire and thread the small end of the wire through one of the top pentagon edges. Repeat some of the steps above for the rest of the 4 points of the pentagon.

6. Once you are finished putting the pendant together, thread the pendant light kit up through the top and hang it on a hook in the ceiling. Adjust the height for your space. And you’re done!

Which of these two DIYs would you try? Enjoy crafting!

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