Do it yourself-projects are preferred by many homeowners who prefer saving on costs installing different furniture and accessories in their home rather than calling in professionals. Hiring a professional may cost a lot of money while a homeowner could be working on a tight budget. Also, some homeowners are passionate about trying new things every day. Installation of furniture and accessories within their homes is one of the primary things that keep them going. They find it interesting, and a way not only to save money but also to pass the time.

Installation of fixed glass shower panels in the bathroom can either be done by a skilled technician or by a homeowner by themselves. All that is required are the right tools and instructions.

When installing a glass shower panel, you might need some help from one of your family members. Since the glass materials are delicate, they may be easily damaged if not handled with care. If you are looking forward to installing a fixed glass shower panel for your shower enclosure, following the steps that have been discussed in this article can be helpful to you.

Please read through the article so that you will find out more about the installation process that will transform your bathroom to look more elegant and attractive.

Check The Measurements

Since glass shower panels come as they are requested, you might find that you get a glass panel that is not the right size as the space you need to install it. The first step should be to check whether the glass shower panel fits precisely into space where you need to fix them. This can be done by standing the glass panels in positions where they are to be fixed.

A precaution you should take is that you should not place the glass panels in direct contact with the floor, it could damage the edges by cracking them. Once you have confirmed that the glass panels fit within the space that you have marked, please clean the floor and the wall where the panels are to be installed with a cleaning spray. You do not want to see a stained wall after you are done with your installation.

Place The Fixed Glass Shower Panel Into Position

The initial step should be to place the immobile glass panel into a position where you will install it. The glass should be placed on a metal bracket at the bottom such that it is not in direct contact with the floor. Also, the metal bracket should be placed about 4 inches from the wall. A similar glass shower door should also be placed on the opposite corner just like in the first one.

Mark The Bracket Holes

Once you have put the brackets in place, ensure that you perfectly mark the holes where they will be fixed on the floor. The markings should be done using a pencil to avoid damaging the floor with paint. Remove the brackets from their position and drill through the marked positions to create holes for their anchorage.

Insert the anchors into the drilled hole and remove the tops with a razor blade or any other sharp object. Now place the side panels on the floor brackets that have been fixed and add another bracket between the glass panels and the wall.

Adjust The Panel Mounted On The Bracket

If you have an assistant, they should help you to adjust the level of the glass panel that you have fixed on the floor metal bracket. You should ensure that the glass panel is at the level you want it to be adjustments should be done until you are satisfied with the level at which the panel is. With the panel still level from the adjustments, insert a metal bracket about 4 inches from the top of the panel and another at the bottom of the same panel.

Mark And Drill The Anchor Points

With the panels in place, mark the anchor points where you will then drill after removing the metal brackets. After drilling, insert the anchors and remove the tops using a sharp object. Once you have all the anchor points drilled, carefully install the metal brackets and fasten them with screws. Ensure they are all firmly held into position before you put your glass panels.

Put The Glass Panels Into Place

Since the brackets are already set in place, you should then put the glass panels on them, and use the tightening screws to hold the glass panels into place. When fastening the glass panels into position, ensure that you do not use extreme force as it could result in cracking gradually.

Seal The Edges

All the edges along the floor of the panels and the wall should be made watertight by using a sealant such as silicone. The silicone should be applied to all joints that could leak water outside the enclosure.

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