5 Things To Know Before Going Abroad to Get a Degree


Instead of going to say a great Delhi-based PGDM college-based MBA school or an awesome b-school in Bangalore, you’ve decided to go in to get your MBA from abroad.

And that’s great too. With the higher education of system of the west providing students with an open-minded way of thinking, and offering employment opportunities that would only be a distant dream for most of the students passing out from Indian universities, this is a great step.

But before you go, there are some things that you should know. These are not the things related to your studies or your college, which we hope you’ll already have taken care of. These are more mundane and day-to-day things that you should keep in mind before you set out on your journey abroad.

Get Your Textbooks from India

First things first, you will need your own textbooks. And if there’s anything that you’ll find really expensive abroad, it’s going to be textbooks. Like the PGDM college students or the engineering students from say, Bangalore, you too would think that getting the ‘important‘ chapters photocopied once you’re there would be cheaper. Well, it’s certainly not going to be cheaper. But you might not have to worry about money in this case, because more importantly – it would be illegal!

The copyright and piracy laws in most of countries except India are extremely tough. So you’ll have a bigger worry than money – getting arrested. Instead, buy the books on the curriculum – the ones that are mandatory to read, from India only. This, you’ll find, would be a much cheaper option; and it also won’t result in jail time for you.

Get Your Clothes from India

Books are damn expensive. But what’s more expensive than books? Clothes. Depending upon the place that you’re going to be in, will you be choosing your clothes? Is it going to be too cold for most of the year? Or does the place have dry summers most of the time? You should research the weather of the place properly before gearing up to go.

And you’re not just going to need your daily wear – you will also need formal clothes for your presentations, placement meetings, any corporate networking meetings, etc. You will get a mandatory list of your clothes as well from your college. Accordingly, get your suit stitched from India – and make sure that it fits you well because going to be important. Your picture in that suit is going to remain forever etched in your yearbook, as well as any other brochures and such. You don’t want to be clad in an ill-fitting suit for your picture in your yearbook!

Have a Ready-to-Use Kit With You Initially

You will have to cook your own food once you settle in, but initially, you might find the food there too different from what you’ve grown to eat. So, have some instant food items, like Maggi, MTR meal packets, etc. with you. Buy yourself a pressure cooker from India – you won’t find it that easily abroad. Finding all the spices, lentils, pulses, and cereals, won’t be much of a problem though.

Do not forget to carry a prescription with you if you have any medicines that are not over-the-counter ones. The rules abroad are really stringent for such cases.

Don’t Forget to Get a Laptop

Buying a laptop is going to be a prerequisite. You will have access to the Internet and computers at your college campus, but you’d still need to finish your assignments, work on presentations, or just watch a movie when you feel like it. That would require you to have a laptop. But don’t leave the task of buying it for when you reach abroad. Do it here. And once you have it, load it up with the antivirus and all the other software you’ll need.

Always Have Some Cash With You

The first thing you’ll do is take care of your student loan, and pay for your accommodation, and tick off other big items on your to-do list. But in all of this, do not forget to also keep some hard cash with yourself in whatever foreign currency your destination country adheres to. You’ll need it to buy groceries, or take a bus, or take care of other small but important expenses. It will also help you in your initial days when you are still waiting to get your bank account and your debit or credit card.

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