Image consulting is a profession where the person is responsible for guiding, mentoring, educating, and training the clients in their appearance, etiquette, and body language. The purpose is to prepare for better opportunities in life. The image consultant also equips their clients with soft skills to present themselves impeccably when opportunities arise in their lives.

How to become an image consultant?

  • Complete the training program: There is no standardized degree currently for this field; however, there are several training programs that train the aspirants to become qualified professionals. These programs cover several aspects, such as fashion, colors, business wear, nutrition, and communication. Some of them might pursue a degree in mass communications or public relations. There are courses in marketing and finance that can help one to become a freelancer in this field.
  • Work experience: Experience is the most valuable commodity in any field. In the field of image consulting, it is crucial to have experience in dealing with varied clients. One can join the public relations or fashion marketing branches of a company to understand the impact of image on a brand. Such internships will help one understand and analyze the targeted audience and how companies maintain a certain image.

Another way of stating one’s career in image consulting is by becoming part-time consultants to build an impressive portfolio and build their clientele. The potential business lies with companies looking for professionals who can give a facelift to their image and increase their reach in the audience.

  • Become part of professional organizations: Organisations such as the Association of Image Consultants International offer ample networking opportunities to budding consultants. It is one’s best shot to work with the established names in the field. It aids in furthering one’s career. This is also the best way to find a mentor. Successful consultants need an assistant to manage their hectic schedules. So, apply for one of the open positions and learn from the best in the business. It will add credibility to one’s portfolio and give one the edge over others when landing plush jobs.

Benefits of becoming an image consultant

Not everyone gets to start a business based on one’s passion. So here is a lowdown on the image consulting business for those passionate about fashion, etiquette, and public image.

  • The start-up costs are quite low as all one needs a good work experience and a good marketing strategy.
  • One can either join a firm to learn the ropes or start working right from home.
  • Creativity sets one apart in this business. Image consulting is a cut-throat field just like many other fields, so what makes one special?
  • One can have long-term partnerships with the people involved in the cosmetics and beauty industry, such as makeup artists, hairdressers, and the health industry experts such as nutritionists, hairdressers, personal trainers, and life coaches.
  • One can choose one’s specialization. One can work with different types of clients such as celebrities, sportsmen and women, politicians, etc. In the current times, corporate are also hiring image consultants to improve their image in the masses and increase their approach.

The Downside

  • This job requires one to be in the public eye to be exposed to a lot of scrutinies that can make one highly uncomfortable.
  • One needs to make an excellent impression to land the gig.
  • One might have to bring in experts from the fields in which one is not experienced in.
  • Is image consultant a good profession?
  • As mentioned earlier, an image consultant’s main task is to improve the character of his or her clients. It is a good profession as the one who is teaching others also learns some etiquettes though he or she is trained enough for this job.

How to become an image consultant?

  • Being an image consultant in Delhi is not everyone’s cup of tea. One must be properly trained first in terms of body language and communication skills; only then will he or she be able to train others with more confidence. In today’s time, one can easily apply for an image consultant post online. There are various websites which help one to excel in whichever course they want to. Thus from any location, one can be an image consultant. These websites also provide full study material with online classes and videos, which help the students, get knowledge easily.
  • Is image consulting a good career?
  • Yes, being an image consultant is a good choice for a career option. With being a certified consultant, one can easily earn and achieve great possibilities. The salary offered is also good, and no academic background is required for becoming an image consultant.

Overall, this occupation is meant for those who are keen on appearance and image in society.

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