Online Courses for Kids in the Age of COVID-19


Will my child’s education stop just because there are lockdowns or community quarantines? How will I help my child learn in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic? What solutions are available to address the educational needs of my child?

If these thoughts have been running through your head lately, then worry no more. There are online mathematics courses, as well as science, English language, and STEM courses that your child can take in the safety and comfort of her own home.

Online Premier Education

The coronavirus pandemic has swept through nations like a thief in the night. It has brought on unprecedented issues that have caught people unaware. Along with lockdown and strict implementations of health and safety measures, came changes that have changed how people live.

One of the many aspects of life that COVID-19 has significantly affected is education. Schools around the world have been temporarily closed. Students and school personnel – just like most – were ordered to stay home. Some have let go of the chance for conducting graduation ceremonies, others haven’t even finished an academic quarter or two.

All these have impacted the way students learn and gain knowledge through traditional methods. Face-to-face instruction and in-person classes are not yet allowed in some territories. It is understandable that parents, guardians, and even students themselves have been plagued by the uncertainty the current situation has presented.

However, all is not lost. Through non-traditional channels, students can still pursue knowledge. There are academic institutions that have shifted to home-based learning programs. Additionally, there are also premier learning centers that offer online supplemental classes on key subjects like math, science, English writing, and STEM subjects. All you need to do is contact these learning centers, enroll in e-learning courses, and make sure that you get a server and computer system upgrade.

When you are concerned about the continuity in your child’s educational development, then here are some subjects that are offered online:

1. English Writing Courses

Help your child enhance his or her writing prowess. Enroll your kid in an online English class where his or her love for the language may be developed.

Online instruction can provide a non-restrictive means of learning English communication and language. It allows a more flexible learning space to develop English literacy with the guidance of expert English teachers. These instructors work hand-in-hand with your child to develop the ability to read, understand, and express himself or herself using the English language.

Using video conferencing and other digital tools, students may be able to learn about blog and story writing, creative writing, figures of speech, grammar, reading comprehension, and vocabulary. Through debates and discussions, your child’s English skills will be tested and honed so he or she can be well-armed and ready to use the English language in daily life.

2. Mathematics

Continue to sharpen your child’s mathematical skills through online math courses.

No matter what level your child is in, there are specific courses designed for each academic grade. Younger students within the grade levels of one to three can continue learning basic operations through effective counting strategies, making pictorial representations, working with patterns on number lines, and using manipulatives.

Students in grades three to six can also enroll in online math classes. They will focus more on acquiring skills to calculate numbers with accuracy and efficiency. Online math teachers will also help them develop a keen understanding of numbers. This includes the ability to estimate and make approximations, check if results and measurements made are reasonable, and comprehend how numbers are represented. They will also learn how to recognize patterns and relationships in math and how it relates to the real world.

Students in higher grade levels will learn about more advanced topics such as Basic Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry, among others.

3. Science

Help your child improve his or her Science knowledge by enrolling him or her in an online Science course. Teachers specializing in science topics like Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, will provide online instruction using virtual technology platforms.

Your child will be led to have a conceptual understanding of topics that are appropriate for his or her specific year level. The audiovisual instruction on Science topics will also include scientific investigations and worksheets to facilitate critical thinking and reasoning skills. They will also be given activities to help them understand how science relates to daily life.

Online Learning Key to Adapting to the New Normal

The shift to online learning is a way to cope with the new normal. COVID-19 may have brought the world to its knees, but it cannot surpass humanity’s fervor for life. As people evolve and adapt to the aftereffects of this pandemic, the pursuit of knowledge continues to grow strong with online education.

If there is the will to learn, then there is a way to do so.

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