For individuals, they initially want to understand the CCIE Certificate, to think or to have a survey of the Cisco Enterprise, so that they can have a good understanding of Cisco, to give themselves a good work orientation, to understand all levels of Cisco Certification, and highlight the characteristics of CCIE.

Cisco Today

Cisco is a famous computer company in the United States, and Cisco is a leading Network Solution Provider in the world. The name of Cisco comes from San Francisco, where there is a world-famous Golden Gate Bridge. It can be said that relying on its own technology and deep understanding of the Network Economic Model, Cisco has become one of the successful practitioners of Network Application.

At the same time, Cisco is committed to building an unimpeded “bridge” between networks for countless enterprises, and using its keen insight, rich industry experience and advanced technology to help enterprises transform network applications into strategic assets, fully tap the energy of the network and gain competitive advantages.

On July 19th, 2018, the Fortune 500 List was released, and Cisco ranked 212th. On December 18th, 2018, the “2018 World Top 500” compiled by the World Brand Laboratory was announced, and Cisco ranked 15th.

Nowadays, Cisco Systems has become a recognized global leader in Network Interconnection Solutions. The solutions it provides are the foundation for thousands of companies, universities, enterprises and government departments around the world to build the Internet, with users in Telecommunications, Finance, Services, Retail and other industries, as well as government departments and educational institutions.

At the same time, Cisco Systems is also the backbone of the network. Nearly 80% of the information flow on the Internet is transmitted through the products of Cisco Systems. Cisco has become an undisputed network leader. Cisco Systems has more than 35,000 employees worldwide, with a turnover of more than USD 22 billion in 2004.

What is CCIE

It can be seen that Cisco’s influence in the world is still very high, so what is CCIE? Cisco has its own level for its certification. Cisco level is divided into CCNA CCNP and CCIE. Their level gradually rises with the standard, and it goes without saying that CCIE is the highest one.

CCIE (Cisco Certified Internet Experts): that is the highest level that network people can achieve, indicating that someone is an expert or master in the field of network. For the people with work experience, getting this CCIE Certificate will have the icing on the cake effect. They can use CCIE to reflect their strength better and to get a higher salary. But for many people who are interested in Network Technology, it is a kind of belief. Many people want to pursue and get this certificate because there is no doubt that they can improve their ability in the process.

How to pass CCIE

If you want to pass CCIE, you need to pass two tests: written test and LAB test, For the written test, the general training institutions have a question bank. You can check with SPOTO CCIE dumps to confirm the stable version of the question bank and ensure accuracy, which is more reassuring. but the LAB test is the most important one. It can’t tolerate any mistakes. The LAB test is the test of the basic knowledge and expanding knowledge of the respondents, and the ability of knowledge integration and analysis. During the preparation for the test, if someone adds mistakes to you, it can improve your ability of troubleshooting, which is required by many companies.

Is the value of CCIE still high? What I want to say is, if you don’t have this certification, what will you prove yourselves through? What I want to say is to rely on your actual operation and performance in the company, but how about your first interview? When you can’t compare with others, what can you rely on to improve your competitiveness? I think the best thing for this industry is CCIE. It will at least proves that you have a good understanding of the overall structure, for future work you can start faster. CCIE is a necessary condition for many excellent companies to choose from.

In fact, the most important thing is the salary you get after passing the exam. For a person with several years of experience, that’s a qualitative leap. For students who are just transferred to this industry, it’s a necessary condition to improve your starting point in the interview. Let others believe that you have such skills and are willing to give you a high salary. For the moment, the value of CCIE is still very high in the world, and it won’t limit your development in a city or a new country. Correspondingly, you can develop very well.

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