What You Need To Know About Canadian Boarding School


Canada is a beautiful country offering top quality education and a wide range of opportunities to everyone, whether international or local students. There is a bounteous quality of boarding schools in Canada, and it becomes quite an overwhelming task for parents to choose the best one for their children.

Many people are in the misconception that boarding school charges hefty fees, but that is not the case with every school. Boarding schools in Canada have a lot to offer besides quality education and a disciplined environment. Long gone are the days when parents used to send their children to boarding schools because they are troublesome. Nowadays, boarding schools have a certain appeal because it excels in all the aspects of growing up, from athletics to academics.

Here are some reasons that make boarding school in Canada looks promising to many people:

  • Affordable and High quality of education:

When it comes to providing superior quality education, Canada tops the list. The advanced education system in Canada consistently ranked in the top 10 education systems worldwide. Besides, its national average in aspects of writing and reading is also in the highest positions. Quality and affordability are two main things that are of enormous concern to everyone, and these are two qualities you will find in a Canadian boarding school.

  • Emphasize overall personality development:

Personality development seems to be lacking in day schools, whereas boarding school emphasizes explicitly on the overall development of students. These schools are well known for preparing their students for further education for colleges and high-school. Besides, prepare them adequately to perform well in college entrance exams. Graduates from boarding schools excel in whatever profession they choose and tend to have higher payer jobs.  According to a Boarding School Review, students who graduate from Canadian boarding schools get advanced placements options just as found in the USA.

  • Various quality of boarding schools:

There are various types of Boarding schools in Canada, including religious, military, college-prep, co-ed, all-boys, all-girls, therapeutic, and special needs. Many people believe in the myth that is associated with boarding school that they have a similar group of students, outfitting to the elite class. However, that is not the case, as these schools have a mix of students coming from all religions, castes, and economic backgrounds.

  • Not every Boarding school is outrageously expensive:

Most of the Canadian boarding schools are less costly than other schools providing similar quality of education around the country. Various boarding schools also offer scholarships to students. Besides, there are other financing options available for students, such as loans. You can get the information related to financing and fee structure about these schools through the internet quickly.

  • Health and safety:

The standard of the boarding environment and the quality of education in Canada is high. Canadian universities and schools are known to be the healthiest and safest places to live and study globally. It is a friendly country that attracts thousands of international students every year from around the world.

  • No specific enrolling deadlines in Canada:

There are no specific application deadlines for admission in most of the schools in Canada. You can visit the schools around the year, and if your child is preferred as an eligible candidate, he/she can get admission in mid-session also.

  • Global mindset:

The diversity of students found in boarding schools can be rarely found elsewhere in private schools. The cultural assortment blossoms in Canadian boarding school as students from all around the globe get admission here.  Due to this, acceptance of all culture is fostered at a boarding school. It helps the students to become more outrageous and friendly as they meet students who came from different parts of the world.

The Bottom Line

Canada has a long history of supporting boarding schools in their educational system and is home to numerous renowned boarding schools. This place offers a safe and close-knit environment for students where they can get whatever help they need besides a good education. Various boarding schools in Canada provide high-quality education in several curricula with excellent facilities. 

Image credit: Robert Cutts

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