Classical Boarding School: A Great Option For Parents Seeking Holistic Education!!!


The lacking discipline, school violence, the wrong dress codes, and low academic expectations have become intolerant for parents. This makes classical boarding school a better option for parents.

Before a decade ago, sending your child to a boarding school is just because of the reason that people do not find great school local but there is not just that reason. A boarding school offers much more than that of a public and private school which makes it a perfect place to send your child for the betterment of your child’s future.

Have a look at the things why you should send your child to a boarding school!!!

Educate your child in a holistic environment!!!

As you know you are not sending your child to a boarding school just for study or academics, it is a place where the overall growth of your child depends. These schools fuel students and play the role of a guardian in the absence of their parents. Therefore, apart from academic skills, boarding schools are responsible for the overall development including fitness, communication skills, problem-solving, creativity and decision making of a child. The overall intellectual and physical ability of a student depends upon boarding school. Here a child also learns state for art skills along with social skills. These schools are able to offer a holistic environment to your kid which he/she can’t have anywhere else.

The independent lifestyle

No matter how much you love your child, but one day he/she has to face this cruel world. You can keep your child protected from the danger of the world. It is a great way to prepare your child from the beginning of this world. Although this world does not only have bad things for your child but lots of good things as well.

In boarding school, your child will learn to carry out all the household chores by themselves while managing their academic performance. This does not only make them responsible but as well as independent, mindful and mature. Therefore, in the long term, your child gets to prepare for future life.

A better student life

All students with different cultures and diverse social and economic level lives together making them learn lots of things. All the students learn together making them learn about different cultures across geographies apart from academic education. You know that academic education is not only the thing makes your child succeed in the future.

Proper development is required to have a successful future. Living with same age people enhance your communication skills as well as your tolerance power and the biggest thing is that you become able to come out from your nest means from your home while enjoying great student life in a boarding school.

On-campus faculty

Most of the boarding schools have a smaller class size so that an individual gets the attention of teachers. Apart from the smaller class size, teachers also live on campus making your children responsible and disciplined. Your child will get guidance from teachers apart from the classrooms.

Here your teachers are not just ones who educate academics but as well as they are your mentors, friends and life coaches. Your child will be under permanent guidance of the teachers, therefore, the full development of your child is defined.

Making a great network

At boarding schools, students are living with their friends building a great connection with them. They don’t only study with their friends but as well as participate in a number of activities and sharing beautiful moments with each other making stronger bonds. It does not only sharpens their communication skills, intellectual ability, physical and mental ability but as well as it makes them in creating a stronger bond that will stay with them live longer during hard and happy times of their lives.

However, sending your child into a boarding school is a tough decision but once you made it, you are playing a role in making your child’s life successful. Boarding schools make them learn a lot of things that can be taught at home. St. Andrew’s Academy is a classical boarding/day school making your child learns a lot of things. It is a college preparation community making your child ready for the college and university life in a better way.  

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