7 Festive Ways to Celebrate Christmas in July


You’ve Got to Try it At Least One Time!

Christmas is definitely a high point in the year for most people. So is summer; specifically: July. The weather is perfect, and people have more free time. However, there is one problem: Christmas is in December. December is when the snow comes; unless you’re in Wyoming or Alaska, July is without snow. Even so, there’s fun to be had.

In Australia, December is summertime – so first, look to the land down under for inspiration on a summer Christmas party. They know how to invert the traditions, they’ve been doing so since the 1800s to the extent that their celebration of common holidays from the European west has taken on their own flavor. Oz Christmas is like the 4th of July.

It makes sense, as hot as things are down there. Fireworks and beaches at Christmas sound amazing. Some ex-pats and UK travelers really like the Independence Day vibe of Christmas in Australia. Others prefer Christmas to be intimate and familial; everyone at home tucked up near a warm fire opening presents and enjoys each others’ company.

The thing about Christmas in July is: that it’s less about the real values of Christmas and more about having fun with a thematic veneer pushing the festivities. This approach is not only fine, but it also tends to be an enhancing factor overall. So with that in mind, here we’ll explore a few ways you can enjoy Christmas in July with maximum fun and festivity.

1. A Snowman Made of Beach Sand

Snow is superior to sand by many estimates, because though cold and a hassle, it melts. Sand is there for the long-term. Even so, it’s great for making a snowman if you’re creative. Keep in mind, that sand doesn’t clump quite the same as snow. If it’s too wet, it’s runny mud. If it’s too dry, it’s like billowing dust.

You’ve got to get a balanced amount in the right area–think sandcastle. You can have a few Christmas-themed “adult” beverages and make an event out of piling sand together near the water’s edge to form a sand-made snowman right on the beach.

Also, the runny nature of such an undertaking tends to enhance the fun. Of course, the snowman made of sand is frumpy; you’re having Christmas in July! Have fun with your party on the beach, and make a snowman made of sand who looks like he melted and got a tan.

Beach Snowman

2. Throw an Awesome Themed Party

Beyond traditional Christmas celebrations, another approach is simply throwing a themed party. This is especially desirable if you’re nowhere near a beach. After all, not everybody lives on the coast!

Hang stockings, decorate a palm tree in ornaments and tinsel, dress up in beach-themed Christmas wear, and serve eggnog. You’ll probably get a big discount on eggnog off-season if it’s available. It will depend on where you are and how well supply lines are functioning in your area.

3. Don’t Forget to Exchange Real Gifts

Actually give each other gifts. They don’t have to be “big” gifts. Presents designed to be jokes are ideal for this time. You might get some little trinket that’s meant to be serious, but the idea is a festive twist on summer and Christmas fun; so be sure not to take things too seriously.

That said, there are always opportunities in our day-to-day lives if we’re savvy enough to seize them. If you’ve got a girlfriend or a boyfriend and things are getting serious, you could make a proposal in the middle of your Christmas in July party. Just know your intentions beforehand.

If you’re just looking to do something casual, be casual. If you’re doing something former with a veneer of casualness, let folks in on the plan. 

4. Sing Summertime Christmas Carols

Another great way to have a festive celebration this summer is to re-tool Christmas songs for the summer.

You might change that popular Christmas tune about Santa coming to town so the lyrics go: “He sees you when you’re surfing, his jet ski makes a wake…” Or what about: “I’m dreaming…of a warm Christmas–just like the folks down under know…” Here’s one: “All I want for Christmas is…blue!” Have fun, and lean into creativity; that’s the whole game!

5. Hang Swimsuits by the A/C Unit the Night Before

During Christmas, Santa comes down the chimney. Does he do the same during Christmas in July? Unlikely. However, he might stop by the A/C to cool down a bit from the hot night air.

Well, put your swimsuits there; see if Santa fills them. Of course, you’re Santa. But especially for Summer Christmas parties with kids, this is a fine way to get everybody in the mood. Drop in little bottles of organic sunscreen, citrus candies, and toys like goggles or Scuba masks. 

6. Go Sledding Down the Sand Dunes, if Any Are Nearby

In Southern Colorado, there are huge natural sand dunes people sled down all the time. Most towns will have infrastructure that mines or stores gravel; if you don’t have a dune nearby, this could work in a pinch, provided you get permission and are appropriately careful. In California, the Imperial Dunes are always an option.


7. Christmas-Themed Smoothies, Snacks and More

Watermelon has a green coloration on the outside and deep pink, reddish color on the inside. Granted, both have a “summer” tone to them–neither looks traditionally “Christmas.” 

Even so, this pairing represents a perfect array of Christmas colors. You might have smoothies with a mint flourish that has a similar effect. Instead of chocolate chip cookies and milk, maybe you have some Mexican chili candy and a tequila smoothie. Mix and match, and play around.

Sweet Christmas in the Summer Sun

A sandman snowman, parties with amazing thematic design, gift exchange, summertime Christmas carols, swimsuit stockings, sand-dune sledding, and Christmas-themed refreshments designed for summertime fun are all suggestions to help your July Christmas party be a big success. At a minimum, hopefully, you can use these suggestions for inspiration.

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