Everything You Should Know About Organizing Live Events


Live events? In the middle of a pandemic? Just because we’re collectively going through COVID-19, it doesn’t mean live events are over for good. What you need to do is just choose the right format (take your event online), and you can throw the biggest event of the year. However, online live events are a different breed, so you’ll need to know a few things about them before you decide to do it.

Here’s everything you need to know about live events and how to organize them in the new normal

Create a story

First of all, you need to think of the goal of your event and how you’re going to reach it. You probably want to promote a product, a company, or a person, so if that’s the case for you, come up with creative ways to brand the venue and make the event unique. It’s all about telling a story and showing people what you’re all about.  What’s the message you want to send? In what light do you want to represent your brand? Think about these points before you start decorating the venue or marketing your event. 

Budget your event

Once you have a story in mind, you can start creating a list of tasks that will be reflected in your budget. Even items on your list will require a quote, even the tiniest details (these tend to build up). And make sure to consider some unforeseen situations. For instance, have the money for a backup venue in your budget. While the possibility of a fire is small, what if your venue burns down right before your event and canceling is not an option? 

Hire the right people

In order to tell your story well, you need proper equipment, especially lighting and sound since these do the most to get your message across. And don’t worry about buying the equipment. You can easily find various event AV solutions and equipment rental services that come with their own custom setup that will ensure your event is a success. A reliable team of experts will meet all your demands and equip your event with the highest-quality tech. The best thing about these pros? They put everything up and take it down, so you don’t have to fiddle with sound and visual systems and mess things up. 

Pay attention to details

Small details like how you register, who is hosting the event, what music you’ll play, and what photo opportunities you’re offering – are the things that inspire your audience. These details create a wow effect and create that luxurious and exclusive feel of an event. If you need ideas, try this: Make things more interesting and interactive, and offer a chance to play a game, watch an intro video or attend a master class during registration. 

Promote your event

No matter what format your event takes, physical or digital, it requires good promotion. And since the modern world is run by social media, that’s a great place to start. This virtual community offers many opportunities for recognition and growth, and it can be your best tool to build enthusiasm before your event. If you’re planning to stream your event via social media platforms, it’s a great idea to use them for engaging the audience early on. When it comes to the start of your campaign, in practice, most people start promoting their event one month before D-day and continue with regular promotional activities until the event. 

Take a few post-event steps

Your event might be over, but your work is not. In order to keep the people engaged and make them feel appreciated, you can ask a few follow-up questions. See whether they had a good time, ask what part was the best and if would they consider doing this again. Use the feedback to build your brand in the future and build a stronger and more honest relationship with your audience. A healthy dialogue will definitely lead to more work with your customers and clients in the future. 

Organizing a successful live event is never easy, not even if you choose to take it online. However, if you use these tips and keep them up to your sleeve, you’ll throw a well-organized, smart, elegant, and interesting event people will talk about for months. Who knows, you might even change the industry and leave a long-lasting mark!

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