Planning an Awards Ceremony? Here Is What You Need to Consider


When it comes to events, there is nothing more overwhelming than trying to plan an awards ceremony. As there are so many moving parts to consider, you can quickly find yourself spending a lot more time and money than you originally planned to. Therefore, to lower the chances of the event becoming a total disaster, you want to make sure that you are as prepared as possible. 

So, to help you execute a fantastic event, here are the important things you need to consider if you are planning an awards ceremony.

1. The Basics

First and foremost, you want to have your basics covered: brief, budget, and venue.

The brief needs to include the event’s objectives, as well as the format, style and atmosphere of the ceremony. Additionally, work with your team to decide on a timeline and then fill in hard deadlines.

Along with creating the brief, you also simultaneously want to create your budget as this will significantly impact the size and style of the awards ceremony.

While preparing the budget, make sure to consider the venue, food, and drink as well as the physical awards. Generally, it is recommended that you give yourself an extra 10% for contingency purposes.

When looking at potential venues, make sure to consider the capacity, as well as how your proposed format will work within the space. Don’t forget to think about the area in terms of stage design, lighting, and catering (as well as any other activities you plan on having). Your guests will be thankful if you also consider the accessibility of a venue and the ease of parking.

Last but not least, ask a venue about any time limitations you will have and whether or not there will be other events happening at the same time.

2. Stage Design

There is nothing more critical in an awards ceremony than the stage design. After all, this is where all the action is going to happen! Therefore, you must spend some time considering how you want the event to look.

Before speaking with your event management company, discuss your vision with your team and think of ways to incorporate your firm’s branding into the event. Branding is essential. So, make sure you are brainstorming an event logo, sponsor exposure, and other event elements that can be included in the stage design.

Next, put those ideas into your brief and present them to the production company you are working with. This will help to ensure you are all on the same page. To ensure you keep your audience’s attention, consider utilizing technologies such as wide-screens, LED display effects, as well as bespoke props and lecterns. Work with the production company to come up with something unique that works with the venue, your budget, and your branding.

3. Atmosphere

No matter what kind of event you are organizing, you want to ensure that you are creating a rich atmosphere in the space.

One of the best ways to generate a positive ambiance is through the use of lighting and music. The right lighting can transform a space while also producing a memorable impact. Depending on the vibe of the awards ceremony, you can opt to have moving lights, patterned effects, or something simpler that helps all guests to see the activity.

If you are unsure about the right kind of light design to utilize, speak with a professional lighting design company who can help you find the right balance for your event.

Similarly, music is essential for creating an event atmosphere. However, you want to ensure you are choosing to play appropriate genres that match the feeling you are looking to develop.

Furthermore, music should be used during the awards ceremony when winners are walking on to the stage, as this helps to increase a collective feeling of excitement. Speak with your sound engineer about which tracks can be used during these moments to encourage applause and an upbeat mood.

4. The Awards

Last but not least, you need to consider the awards themselves. After all, this is the fundamental reason for you hosting the event in the first place! Therefore, you want to ensure you know who are receiving your awards and the reasons why they were chosen.

In a similar vein, make sure you understand how you are choosing and judging your winners and your method for collecting any necessary background information on them. Furthermore, take the time to consider how the actual awards will look. Try to think outside of the box and find ways to make them match the theme of the evening.

What do you think are the most important aspects of hosting an awards ceremony? Let us know your thoughts and any relevant experiences you have in the comments below!

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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