6 Interesting Science Facts That the World Got to Know About in 2020


2020 was one of the craziest years ever, courtesy of the coronavirus. The whole world struggled to fight the pandemic, and countless lives were uprooted. People started to practice social distancing, and the worldwide lockdown was imposed. This was the kind of stuff you usually see in a zombie movie. But the fact that it happened in real life was quite scary for everyone. People started to spend time at home, watching  TV and internet deals or using Zoom and other apps to connect with their loved ones. And WFH became the new normal. 

However, during such times, some important scientific discoveries happened which didn’t get much attention. But don’t worry! If you love science, you will find this article interesting as it will discuss six fascinating science facts. So, without any further ado, let’s begin! 

#1. Oldest Substance Discovered Is More Ancient Than the Solar System

Long before the sun came into existence, a dying star flung dust into space. Some of that stardust got stuck in a meteorite that collided with our earth. Scientists were able to extract those particles and found out that it is actually the oldest material that got discovered on earth. The meteorite which got covered by the dust is called Murchison. It lit up the skies in Australia in 1969 and was located in Victoria. A new analysis of Murchison was done. It was discovered that the stardust found was somewhere between 4.6 and seven billion years old.

#2. The Embryos of First Tyrannosaur Unearthed 

Researchers made a phenomenal discovery when they found the remains of tyrannosaurs so young that they were not yet hatched from their shells. The discovery was spotted in two different sites; the first one was discovered from Alberta and the second one from Montana. The remains of the species are almost seventy-one to seventy-five ml. years old. The scientists discovered that tyrannosaurs at first were small, and measured about three feet long. However, they did have a long tail. These species were the size of Chihuahua. 

#3. Mars Hums & Scientists Are Puzzled 

During the fall of 2018, a spacecraft landed on Mars to record the planet’s pulse. Named InSight Lander, the machine sent some of its early findings to earth, making scientists excited from across the world. Out of all the things they discovered, they noticed one distinct thing which caught their attention, and it was the “Martian Hum.” This sound pulses to the beat of marsquakes. The origin of this hum has not been discovered yet. This hum reverberates at a higher pitch as compared to the other hums on earth. This sound is quite puzzling that has got the scientists confused. 

#4. Betelgeuse’s Mysterious Behavior Gets Solved

The star Betelgeuse is famous for its intense shine. However, in 2019, its brightness mysteriously dimmed, which got the scientists worried. They began to think that this star is near the end of its life, or it may explode in a supernova that would be brighter than the full moon. However, in August, the scientist revealed the real reason behind its dimness, and it was far from exciting. They simply stated that the star burped. Basically, the star sent out an extremely hot plasma which cooled as it came outwards. This process quickly formed stardust which blocked the Betelgeuse’s light. Today, this star is shining brighter than ever. 

#5. The Oldest Homo Erectus Skull Gets Discovered 

Yes, you read that right! The skull of the oldest homo Erectus has been discovered. It was unearthed in Johannesburg, South Africa. The skull pieces seemed like they came from a baboon. However, as the researchers assembled the pieces, it became clear that they held the first braincase of homo Erectus. This skull is thought to be a couple of million years old. 

#6. Details About an Armored Dinosaur’s Last Meal Revealed

Scientists all over the world were delighted when the remains of an armored dinosaur that is expected to be 110-million-year-old were discovered. It was unearthed by a heavy equipment operator when he was working. Now, the excitement had built up again when it was revealed that the animal’s last meal was also preserved in its belly. The food consisted of a few ferns and woody twigs. 


And there you have it. These are some of the scientific discovering that happened in 2020. However, they could never get the attention of mainstream media due to the coronavirus. You now know that the pandemic wasn’t the only thing that happened last year. So, which one of these discoveries surprised you the most?

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