4 Practical Stylist Tips for Healthy and Gorgeous Hair


There aren’t many things that can compare to that wonderful moment when you step out of your hair salon, your hair healthy and shiny, styled to perfection. And since stylists do it so effortlessly, and make it look so easy, it’s simply beyond your grasp why you can’t make your hair look just as beautiful at home, no matter how hard you try. Logically, it makes you wonder what it is that your hairstylist knows and you don’t. Here are some of their tricks and secrets that can help you have lush and stunning hair all of the time.

Avoid Daily Washing

Yes, you want your hair to look fresh and clean, but washing it too often can do more harm than good in the long run. This is a common issue with those whose hair becomes oily and limp a day or two after they wash it, but even if that’s the case, you should be aware of how much damage you’re causing your hair by merely shampooing it and using hot water on it. If you also style it with a hot tool every time, you can easily end up with broken strands of hair and split ends, not to mention the harm is done to your scalp, as you wash away the natural oils from it. Do your best to wash your hair twice a week at the most, and if it becomes noticeably oily between washes, use dry shampoo as a quick fix. Bear in mind, though, that dry shampoo can cause buildup on your scalp, so try not to reach for it too frequently either.

Get a Volume Boost

The more volume your hair has, the better it will look. There are several ways to gain hair volume. One of the simplest ways to do it is to use volumizing shampoo, after which you should apply some volumizing serum to your hair. After that, you should bend over and flip your hair upside down, since blow-drying it in that manner can make it visually more voluminous. If your hair is exceptionally thin and hair products can’t help you, do some research and find the best clip-in extensions on the market to add the much-needed volume to your hair instantly. These are a great solution, as they can last up to six months if you take proper care of them. Don’t settle for the synthetic ones, but only use those made from natural, human hair, that’s been sourced ethically. The most reputable companies offer a variety of colors to match your own so that the extensions blend with your hair to the point where they’re undetectable.

Cut Your Hair Regularly

Damaged hair and visibly split and dry ends aren’t attractive, and no amount of styling and hair products can make it look completely healthy. Plus, split ends can look as if they aren’t the same color as the rest of your hair, drawing additional attention to the problem. You should also know that hair with damaged ends is much more difficult to style and shape. This is why it’s crucial that you visit your hairstylist on a regular basis so that you cut your hair and always maintain its good appearance and health. It’s not really necessary to cut too much of your hair and make it too short. Based on the style and texture of your hair, you should decide to get a trim every two to twelve weeks.

Be Smart About Drying

Using a towel after you’ve showered and washed your hair may be a habit for you, but it’s one that you should reconsider. Namely, towels can be overly rough to use for removing excess water from your hair, whereas an ordinary cotton T-shirt will do a better job, as it’s softer and gentler on your hair. Also, before you begin using the aggressive hot tools on your hair, use a heat protectant, to prevent unnecessary damage to it. Use a brush to blow-dry your hair and make sure your brush and your hairdryer are always pointed in the same direction, from your roots towards the ends. When using your hairdryer, place it as close to your hair as you can, but so that it doesn’t actually touch your hair.

This will shorten the blow-drying process and allow you to avoid stray strands or the dreaded frizz. Finally, styling your hair all of the time can damage it greatly, so invest in hot-based tools that will cause less harm. Rely on new technology, such as hairdryers that don’t utilize extreme heat or vapor-based irons that contribute to your hair health, since these tools can protect your hair better than some of the outdated ones.

If you weren’t sure how to handle your hair in order to make it healthy and dazzling before, let these hairstylists’ secrets help you style your hair on your own and have the perfect hairstyle every day of the week.

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