Best Vegan Clothing Brands in 2022


Searching for vegan food options and lifestyles, I got to know about vegan clothing brands. I was surprised just like you to know about vegan clothing and makeup products. Vegan people have created a whole new sustainable eco-friendly world for the fashion and food industry.

When you turn vegan, you start looking at materialistic luxuries from a new perspective. You want to contribute every bit for the betterment of the earth. Vegan brands have opened new doors to the fashion and luxury industry. These brands not only look out for animal cruelty but also create a work-friendly environment for their workers.

You must be sceptical about the quality of the brands at first, but let me assure you there is nothing to worry about. These brands do not harm animals or support quality checks on them. Turning to vegan clothing brands is a great step toward saving the environment and encouraging this industry to do better for the animals and ultimately our mother earth.

Why Vegan brands?

Most of you might think that why should we care about these vegan brands? Just like you, I never spared a minute to think about cruelty to animals just for our own sake. I used to think it was necessary to shear a sheep. However, the fact is these animals are just harassed for skin, wool, fur and leather. Many brands manufacture products from synthetic fibre which is again derived from fossil fuels. These brands are just faking it in the name of eco-friendly products. A true vegan brand is completely plant-based with zero animal and fossil resources used from raw material to the final product.

With the popularity and transparency of these brands, people are getting aware of the raw materials used in the manufacturing process of such clothing. People have started ditching fur, leather, silk, feather, and wool for other fabrics that are not derived from animals. All and all, this is a great start for sustainable and affordable clothes in this fast-fashion world. Give these brands a try once and your soul will bless you for this new beginning.

As you have discovered the vegan clothing industry now, you will be amazed to know that these brands have blank apparel options in almost every category. Explore the vegan brands enlisted below for clothes under an affordable budget for every possible occasion.

1. Vegan Everyday wear:

1. Mud jeans:

Based in the Netherlands, this brand manufactures its products in Tunisia. It deals with men’s and women’s denim jeans and jackets. The brand is well known for its recycled denim wear and works on lease a jeans mantra. This way the raw material belongs to them and they provide their customers with a new pair every time.

2. Classic t-shirt company:

The t-shirts under this label are completely handmade with 100%organic cotton. This company is California-based and gives a decent share to its farmers for organic raw materials. Get a comfy cotton v-neck, crewneck, round neck long-sleeve t-shirt from Classic t-shirt company next time.

3. Thought Clothing:

If you are looking for some chic yet classic versatile clothes, Thought clothing is one such stop for all your fashion desires. This cruelty-free clothing brand assures a vast range of trendy timeless easy-to-wear clothes made of hemp, bamboo and organic cotton. 

2. Vegan Formal-wear:

1. Mila Vert:

It’s a European brand that deals in women’s formal wear. The brand offers a variety of trench dresses, pencil skirt dresses, tailored jackets, trousers and shirts. The brand is affordable with its best quality assurance.

2. Dalia McPhee:

The brand is well renowned in Hollywood for its red carpet apparel. The formal wear is a collection of mesmerizing gowns for special events. All the clothing is 95% eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty-free. The brand is established among celebrities and bigshot tycoons.

3. H&M Vegan collection:

To your surprise, your favourite brand H&M has also launched its 100% vegan collection approved by PETA. The formal apparel is chic, comfy and affordable. You already trust the brand for its quality. Right? Then check out H&M for its new vegan formal collection.

3. Vegan Activewear brands:

1. Blossom Yoga-wear:

This activewear brand is hope for our planet. The brand manufactures breathable clothes using raw materials out of recycled bottles. Blossom wear is approved by celebrities for its trendy designs and comfy sustainable fabric. The clothing options range from leggings, tops and tees.

2. Girlfriend collectives:

The brand is focused on recycled raw materials from plastic bottles, polyester, nylon and the waste from the textile industries. This brand offers size-inclusive leggings, jeggings, sportswear, jackets and more in a variety of styles and prints. You can subscribe to their Insta page for updated collection notifications.

3. Sage Larock:

The brand is based in LA. It offers a huge variety of sustainable sportswear, bikinis, and swimwear at affordable prices. The brand emphasises vegan plant-based dyes and raw materials from upcycled marine plastic and debris harming the oceans. This brand works on a non-profit basis and the entire revenue is invested in the conservation of oceans and women empowerment.

4. Vegan Outerwear brands:

1. Alpine North:

This brand is based in Montreal, Canada. They have a huge collection of rainwear, jackets, coats, puffers and parkas for men and women. They have a separate category for plus-sized people also. You can now style your outerwear with recycled fabrics. Make a move towards saving your planet.

2. Wuxly:

The brand is determined to manufacture parkas with the same amount of warmth and quality offered by animal fur parkas. They have a whole new range of fleece and layers, bombers and parkas for men and women. The best part is the fittings option available on the website. You can book your slot and get your orders customized and delivered to your doorstep.

3. Frank And Oaks:

Frank and oaks is a Canada-based brand that focuses on innovative eco-friendly fabrics for a better planet. They have thoughtful appealing designs for the new generations. They have a complete collection of sweaters, cardigans, jackets, coats, sweatshirts, underwear, pants, shorts and loungewear for both men and women. You can check the website for their transparency records for recycled denim, wool and polyester.

The brands stated above are just a few examples of sustainable vegan clothing. The more you look into the vegan clothing concept, the more options you will find. Explore the vegan world of fashion and get the best deals for the styles that suit you.

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