How can Fashion Make Your Personality Vibrant?


They say that “Fashion is something that comes from within you“, a more diluted version of these sentences would be the belief that you look good in what makes you feel good. So does that mean fashion is all about comfort and leisure? Has it got nothing to do with “look like you are famous“? The two are separated by minute detail. But this midget detail has led to the discovery of an entire classification of clothing which we now call as athleisure. If one goes by the book, athleisure would simply mean a trend in a fashion where workout outfits are worn in other settings, such as a casual day out, social occasions, or even the workplace.

Let’s talk about fashion in detail:

Fashion is not just about comfort, for ages fashion has been correlated to the person and his personality. As they say dress according to the occasion, that is what fashion is all about. People often judge your attire, they often distinguish people based on the colour they wear, and the fitting of the clothes everything is considered a part of fashion and is as much considered as a part of our personality.

Clothes, which are an integral part of the fashion world, are the one component that expresses the inner thoughts and feelings of a person. Let’s break it down, if you are sad today, and you still have to attend a brunch party, you would probably settle for something not too fancy; or if you are having an amazing day and there is an invitation, you would probably dress up in a quite fanciful.

“Fashion simply is our appearance, manners, and characteristics.”  And the colour you choose to wear depicts your inner feelings. Colours and emotions have a deep relation and have been a part of the world of psychology since time immemorial. Whether it is the painter using blue colour to paint his canvas or a poet elucidating the presence of a grey curtain in a room, colours have always been an integral part of human emotions.

So let’s venture into the shades of colours when it comes to the fashion world. Broadly speaking and putting it quite stereotypically reds, green, and yellow are associated with happy emotions, while black and grey are majorly associated with stress and sad emotions.

Let’s delve into this spectrum of colours and personality:

Studies have shown that colours and personalities are closely related. It is not just our clothes when it comes to colours, it is all about our emotions. Remember those poems where the Grey curtains meant the poet was in a sad mood? Or does the bright blue clear sky mean a happy mood? The same is the equation when it comes to the colour you choose to wear.

  1. If you are someone whose wardrobe has all the colours of the happening rainbow, then you are one of those trendsetters who are nothing less than a stylist of your group. Your personality is such that people approach you, and you have many friends. Just like the colours in your wardrobe, you are a positive person who assures comfort.
  2. Black and grey are popularly associated with a boring personality, but in reality, it is quite the opposite. These colours are the classics, evergreen colours. If you are the owner of a lot of black, grey and blue (especially navy blue), you are a well-organised person. You are focused, disciplined and sophisticated.
  3. Tribal, geometric, numbers, and floral, prints come in all forms. Prints are one of the hardest things to style. Playing around with prints can be quite a tricky situation, hence if you are daring enough to have a lot of that, you are quite bold. You are outspoken, you believe in speaking your mind, you believe in retaining your individuality.
  4. But fashion is all about improvisations and gym apparel and gym outfits are in vogue now. Whether it is supermodels or our Bollywood divas everyone is acing the athleisure look. It assures comfort and also a sense of strong feminine personality. It stands for a confident persona with a determined mind. Quite opposite to this look is the crop top dress set which in the world of fashion is going by the name co-words. This look is available in multiple options- in skirts, shorts, long skirts, midi skirts, and even a mini skirt.

All these choices give women a plethora of options that would suit their taste in fashion and would also complement their personality. If you think that this is only for those fashionable women who walk like a runway model, then you are mistaken, because in co-ords you will also get athleisure options.

Athleisure and co-ords combine to give you comfort with fashion. To embrace a little more feminine look, you can always opt for lace tops for women. It accentuates your feminine side, perfect for night parties or even a brunch invitation. If you pair a top with minute lace details with formal pants you can easily transform your boring office look into a much more fashion-forward look.

It is a myth that fashion and comfort can’t walk together. It absolutely can, all you have to do is play around with your options. Whether your personality is “happy-go-lucky” or “no fun only work doesn’t matter in fashion.  Our fashion sense undoubtedly reflects our personality, emotions, moods, and feelings of the moment. As it is rightly put by Marc Jacobs, “Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them“. The person wearing the attire adds life to the attire and in the same way, the choice of clothes reflects the person’s inner emotions.

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