Leisurewear 101: How to Rock the Luxury Athleisure Trend This Season


Have you been in touch with the latest hottest fashion trend? Yes, we’re talking about leisurewear. Casual-looking attire designed for exercising and everyday wear goes beyond trainers and plain t-shirts. Athleisure includes a full spectrum of trendy pieces, such as hoodies, sports bras, tank tops, joggers, yoga pants, polo shirts, and skorts. If you’re looking for the best way to balance comfort and style – the athleisure trend is the way to go this summer. Not sure how to rock it? Check our tips for several trendy ideas.

A neutral color palette wins

You’ve seen Kim Kardashian, Gigi Hadid, and Hailey Bieber flaunting their sweatpants and sports bras in beige, white, and grey all year long. Trendsetters around the globe have shown us that neutral colors prevail in athleisure wear and look fiercer than any vibrant hue. So, for your ultimate summer leisurewear choose white, black, beige, grey, and navy-blue tones. A crisp white t-shirt and bike shorts, paired with white sneakers and a black hat are all you need for a gym-to-lunch summer outfit. How do you feel about onesies? A beige strappy back onesie will be your most comfortable companion on your athleisure wear journey. Wrap a white, oversized shirt around your waist to elevate your look and have a long-sleeve piece in case of changing weather. Flip-flops, slippers, sneakers, or flat sandals can be the choice of footwear to match the leisurewear vibe.

Quality over quantity

Leisurewear withstands much more wear and tear than other clothing pieces. For that, you should invest in quality pieces, rather than shop for a bunch of cheap items. You want clothing to last for months without tearing or losing shape, making you look frumpy instead of fabulous. Go for thicker and more durable full-length leggings, and chunky joggers to last you from spring till winter and don’t neglect sports bras and tank tops either. Look for brands that value quality and offer nothing but exceptional value for money alongside durability.

Coordinate your pieces

Are you looking for a set of leisurewear to throw on in the morning, and wear until the evening, regardless of your daily activities? A coordinated grey set will take you from morning errands to evening drinks with your mates. Choose some of the trendy terry cloth polo shirts to match your shorts that you’ll wear with that new pair of sneakers. Put on a baseball cap during the day, and don’t forget to accessorize with cool shades for a complete look.

Play with proportions

With athleisure, proportion is everything. Comfort comes first, style follows, and you can combine both by playing with sizes. Throw on oversized pants to go with your tight tank top. Alternatively, hop in those tight leggings and add a wide shirt to juxtapose the slimming bottom. From baggy t-shirts to sweaters matched with tight bike shorts, leisurewear will be your favorite. If you prefer loose-fitting bottoms, go for your favorite beige sweatpants to go well with the chic sports bra you bought recently. Elevate the look with a body-forming piece but keep things casual with a baggy item. A bodysuit under wide-legged pants matched with sneakers screams trendy and chic.

Skortsies for the comfy summer heat

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about dresses or shorts. What’s more, we love that the combination of the two came back too. Skortsies are the 90s trend that made a huge comeback, and we couldn’t be happier that it found its rightful place in athleisurewear. A top hat, a skortsie, and a pair of sneakers are all you need for a morning jog session followed by brunch. Sneakers are now the footwear choice of the year. They’re worn with couture just as well as with leisurewear. Grab your favorite casual dress to go with those running shoes, and throw over a sweater for brisk evenings. 

Add a statement piece

Accessories add that final touch every outfit needs to look fabulous. The same goes for leisurewear. Sunglasses, hats, hair bands, hair ties, backpacks, and sports jewelry will be the perfect addition to your leisurewear look. A black rucksack will look fabulous on the white-on-white outfit to break the entire crispy vibe. Summer sunny days require good protection from the sun, so after slathering that SPF on, grab your favorite shades before you head out. Warm weather usually concerns lifting your hair in a messy bun or a ponytail. Make the look chic by adding large hoop earrings or a delicate necklace to your outfit.

Final thoughts

Athleisurewear is the new hottest trend everyone is falling in love with. Mixing comfort with style is everything we’ve been wishing for all those years and we’re finally living the dream. If you’re trying to make the trend work for you, follow the tips we’ve listed above, for the best-dressed person in the neighborhood and wider.

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