Spectacular Hair in Just A Few Minutes – Style Claw Clips in 8 Different Looks!


There are many hairstyles that we make every day and most of the time we have claw clips clipped to our hair when we are in a hurry or on the go. These clips are the most comfortable hair accessory of all time as it is easy to use and can help with hairstyling too. Wearing a claw clip is the trend these days and it does make sense as these claw clips are incredibly chic and easy to use with any outfit you want. Here is my secret, you know; I use these with almost every outfit I get.

I prefer to have the best quality, unique and classy claw clips and that is something that you get from the Juvabun’s claw clips. I have been using them for quite a time and let me tell you they have the perfect grip that is not too loose and not too tight, providing a comfortable feeling. You might be thinking what is so special about these claw clips, well let me tell you!

I Think They Are Very Beneficial!

These clips are cool, what made me interested in buying them was their simple gold look. That goes with every outfit and then they are the trend and quite cool if you may ask. These claw clips hold everything in place as they do not slip or slide.

The hair is not damaged at all as these claw clips from Juvabun’s do not tug on the hair and are pretty comfortable and very beautiful. They come fast and the best thing is if I have an issue, I can easily contact their 24/7 support present. These claw clips are not your ordinary clips, they are of premium quality, and ordering them was very easy and secure. So, if you want risk-free shipping then Juvabun’s is your place.

What Are Claw Clips?


Many of you might be confused about what claw clips are or why they are so important despite their benefits. So, the thing is that they are very important as they never disappear like our scrunchies and are very versatile when it comes to hairstyles and events.

Anyways, claw clips are back from the ’90s. These clips are a type of hair clip or you can say hair accessory that has two rows of divided and branched teeth that clamp down like a mower in the hair of the user. These are also known as jaw clips as they are attached on the top using a metal pin and holder and have two jaws with teeth that hold the hair in place. Juabun’s claw clips are in metallic colors and material and they are present in many shapes.

8 Ways I Styled My Claw Clips! 

1. Modified French Twist

French Twist is the most common and popular hairstyle that we can wear in our everyday lives. I use this when I have professional flights or meetings with my clients. Simply comb hair, smooth it properly and make a smooth twist then secure it with the claw clip and you are ready to nail that meeting.

2. Flowing Curls

I have mood changes very often which includes, sometimes having a perm which makes my hair extra curly, you know those tight curls, yeah I got them. To leave them flowing but manageable for a meeting or chic look, I simply gather the curls in a loose bun and secure them using the triangular Juvabun’s claw clip.

3. Catch the Messy Bun

I wear messy buns almost everywhere, whether it is a birthday party, a friend’s night out, or a trip to another city; I have my messy bun on and slay the look. Making the messy bun is easy, just create a ponytail, twist and wrap the hair around it and catch, the messy bun is ready.

4. Half Catch

A chic, simple, feminine, and romantic date for my call for the half-catch with ends curled off my hair and a decent dress. Making this date hairstyle is simple; all you have to do is drag your claw clip from one side of the head to the other and gather half of your top hair between the two jaws and clip it. Then curl the ends of the rest of the hair and let a few curls loose on the front and you are ready to go!

5. Loose Braid

Making a half-back loose brain is perfect for a summer afternoon. That is what I make with a flowery flowing summer dress. To make this braid, simply start from your front and create a French braid just below the middle of your head and secure it with the claw clip and you are ready for adventure.

6. Low Pony

I don’t know about you but my scrunchies are always missing in action. Whenever I’m in a hurry for a meeting and searching for a scrunchie to make my low pony, it is not present on the shelf. But, now I don’t care as I have my Juvabun’s claw clip with me. I just take all of my hair, twist it upwards, claw in the claw clip and reverse my hair back and the low pony is ready in seconds.

7. Low Bun Twist

Low bun twists are the classy wedding classics. You just have to create a loose low bun twist near the nape of your neck and twist up the rest of the hair, claw it with the JuvaBun’s classy golden claw clip, and take out a few strands to frame the face and you are ready to go to a wedding.

8. Half Up Bun

This is my hairstyle when I’m going to the beach or the party. It is very simple to make, just separate half of your hair, twist them in a bun in the middle of your head and place the claw clip on it. Within seconds you are ready to rock your day just like I do!

Can’t Wait To Wear My JuvaBun Claw Clip Again!

wear my juvabun

If you are someone who is in a hurry and wants pro-type hairstyles then you should get these Juvabun’s claw clips that are extremely fancy and classy at the same time. They are the go-to hair accessories that I can wear anywhere without thinking twice about them. The Juvabun claw clips are strong enough to hold my hair without tugging on it so yeah get some for yourself and see what I am talking about.

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